Young Lady Chatterley II (1985)

Young Lady Chatterley II (1985) Movie

Young Lady Chatterley II

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2.4/10 (397 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 15 November 1985
(USA) - 7 February 1986
(Philippines) - 23 January 1990

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based-on-novel, cuckold, erotica, female-frontal-nudity, female-nudity, horse, horse-riding, independent-film, infidelity, lesbian, lesbian-sex, lesbianism, nudity, seduction, sequel, sex


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Cast of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Brady, Brandon as [Malcolm Twistle] <10>
  2. Charles, Henry as [Ernest - Butler] <12>
  3. Clark, Brett Baxter as (as Brett Clark) [Thomas - Gardener] <4>
  4. Heighley, Bruce as [Reporter] <24>
  5. Huston, Howard as [Edwards - New Gardener] <23>
  6. Lovelace, Ron as [Gardener Applicant #1] <22>
  7. Mathews, Steven Kean as [Robert Downing] <7>
  8. McConnell, Keith as [Lord Cavendish] <26>
  9. Quinlan, Ed (I) as [Philip Carlyle] <2>
  10. Reynolds, Mike (I) as [Howard Beechum III] <9>
  11. Richard, Winston as [Carl - Chauffeur] <13>
  12. Sheaf, Alex as [Count Rollei/Roger Wilkins] <8>
  13. St. Angelo, John as [Virgil Grimmer] <6>
  14. West, Adam (I) as [Professor Arthur Bohart Jr.] <3>
  15. Barry, Wendy (II) as [Sybil - Maid in Hot House] <16>
  16. Danning, Sybil as [Judith Grimmer] <5>
  17. Freeman, Lindsay as (as Alexandra Day) [Jenny - Maid in Hut] <15>
  18. Gabrielle, Monique as [Eunice - Maid in Woods] <17>
  19. Hoffman, Wendy (I) as [Maid Applicant #1] <20>
  20. Lyne, Brandy as [Wanda - Maid in Bed] <19>
  21. McBride, Harlee as [Cynthia Chatterley] <1>
  22. Scott, Karen (I) as [Lady Cavendish] <25>
  23. Simmons, Allene as [Marta - Maid in Bed] <18>
  24. Staton, Joi as [Mary - Housekeeper] <11>
  25. Stewart, Barbara (I) as [Eleanor - Masseuse] <14>
  26. Van Kampen, Mariko as [Maid Applicant #2] <21>

  27. All Cast

Genres in Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Drama

Plot of Young Lady Chatterley II

Cynthia, new lady of Chatterly, feels neglected by her husband. During his absences she tries to amuse herself with gardener Thomas, but always gets interrupted by new visitors. While she's busy her Full Plot >>

Certificate of Young Lady Chatterley II

16 (Iceland)
R (Australia)
18 (UK)
R-18 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Segal, Misha

Cinematographers of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Brownell, Bob (director of photography)
  2. England, Bryan (director of photography)

Costume Designers of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Castro, Eduardo (I)

Distributors of Young Lady Chatterley II

Cine Circle [us]

Editors of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Sanders, Gregory (I)

Misc of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Borell, Karen (representative: S.A.G.)
  2. Brady, Brandon (dialogue coach)
  3. Collom, Chet (advertising designer)
  4. Cothran, Lloyd (production assistant)
  5. Dell, Leslie (production controller)
  6. Einhorn, Brad (production assistant)
  7. Friedgen, Dianne Ketchum (production secretary) (as Dianne Ketchum)
  8. Gitsch, Randy (production assistant)
  9. Glatt, Steve (production assistant)
  10. Linden, Mitchell (script clerk)
  11. Lubov, Sherri (production assistant)
  12. McConnell, Keith (supplier: "Beechum" Rolls Royce)
  13. Stevenson, Rita (post-production accountant)
  14. Zepp, Noreen (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Young Lady Chatterley II

  1. Grayhall Mansion - 1100 Carolyn Way, Beverly Hills, California, USA
  2. Harold Lloyd's Greenacres Estate - 1740 Green Acres Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA