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7.1/10 (48 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 21 February 2001
(Italy) - 30 August 2001
(Singapore) - 21 April 2002
(USA) - 25 July 2002
(Philippines) - 21 August 2003

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Running Time
Italy:105 (Venice Film Festival)


abuse, bathing, cave, cinema, director, drunkard, elope, erotica, escape, exploitation, female-nudity, fever, fierra, film-within-a-film, grandfather, high-school-student, horse, incest, intercut, interview, machete, market, metacine, molestation, mother-daughter-relationship


Pictures of Tuhog

Tuhog Pictures

Cast of Tuhog

  1. Cobarrubias, Menggie as [Louie] <17>
  2. Danseco, Ching as (as Ching E. Danseco) [Male Boarder] <29>
  3. Garcia, Reynaldo (II) as [Mr. Bacaltos] <31>
  4. Maglaque, Ricardo as [Kardo] <20>
  5. Marasigan, Dennis as [SPO4 Dizon] <18>
  6. Montreal, Nante as [Gabino] <6>
  7. Moreno, Justin (I) as [Binatilyo 1] <22>
  8. Nieva, Raymond as [Oca] <7>
  9. Parchamento, Raymund C. as [Nicanor] <21>
  10. Parilla, Eric as [Adan] <8>
  11. Peñafiel, Deo as [Violeta's Mother] <32>
  12. Pineda, Crispin as [Dandan] <9>
  13. Rivera, Frank (III) as [Frankie] <10>
  14. Rivero, Dante as [Leon] <5>
  15. Romero, Rhett as [Dennis] <16>
  16. Roque, Ryan C. as [Arthur] <28>
  17. Roxas, Lawrence A. as (as Lawrence Roxas) [Binatilyo 2] <23>
  18. Zamora, Russell as [Michelle] <15>
  19. Zialcita, Albert as [Don Ramon] <13>
  20. Adlawan, Irma as [Perla] <4>
  21. Amparo, Renita as [Co-Teacher 3] <26>
  22. Cabling, Carmen as [Co-Teacher 1] <24>
  23. De Villa, Eleuteria as [Kapitana] <27>
  24. Jose, Jaclyn as [Violeta] <3>
  25. Koronel, Klaudia as [Hasmin] <2>
  26. Laigo, Connie as [Comadrona] <30>
  27. Lumasac, Celeste V. as (as Celeste Lumasac) [Lita] <12>
  28. Maglaque, Felicidad as [Aling Carmen] <19>
  29. Prospero, Jessette as [Miss Bacaltos] <14>
  30. Raymundo, Ina as [Floring] <1>

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Genres in Tuhog

  1. Drama

Plot of Tuhog

A movie production company wants to make a film based on a newspaper report of a man convicted of raping his granddaughter. The producer and director interview the girl and her mother, assuring them Full Plot >>

Certificate of Tuhog

R-18 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Tuhog

  1. Durias, Jay (as Jay Oliver Durias)

Cinematographers of Tuhog

  1. Sarte, Shayne (as Shayne Sarte-Clemente)
  2. So, Sherman (as Sherman Philip T. So)
  3. Yniguez, Boy (as Boy Yñiguez)

Distributors of Tuhog

Regal Films [ph] - (Philippines)
Regal Home Video [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (VHS)

Editors of Tuhog

  1. Dale, Ronald Allan

Misc of Tuhog

  1. Bibat, Nilda (field cashier)
  2. Cantuba, Jeffrey (schedule master)
  3. Chico, Frank (technical operations engineer) (as Frank B. Chico)
  4. Chua, Jenny (traffic coordinator)
  5. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical operations engineer) (as Uriah Y. Dypuekeng)
  6. Hernandez, Geoffrey A. (technical operations engineer)
  7. Lumasac, Celeste V. (assistant to associate producer) (as Celeste Lumasac)
  8. Malacaman, Macel (traffic coordinator)
  9. Mañalac, Rachel (project coordinator: Roadrunner Network) (as Rachel M. Mañalac)
  10. Moralita, Daye (technical operations engineer) (as Daye C. Moralita)
  11. Nagasangan, Jann S. (project coordinator: Roadrunner Network)
  12. Singson, Maia (traffic coordinator) (as Maia)
  13. Templo, Margie (script supervisor)
  14. Umali, Nar (technical operations engineer) (as Nar M. Umali)

Other Titles of Tuhog

  1. Larger Than Life (2001) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (imdb display title)

  2. Pinilakan (2001) (ENG)
    (Philippines: Tagalog title)

  3. Skewered (2001) (ENG)
    (Philippines: English title) (literal English title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Tuhog

  1. Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
  2. Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
  3. San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines

Trivia of Tuhog

- The film was in competition in Cinema del Presente of the 58th Venice Film Festival (2001) Full Trivia >>