The Rose of Sharon (2006)

The Rose of Sharon (2006) Movie

The Rose of Sharon

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Release Date
(South Korea) - 2006
(USA) - 2006
(USA) - 17 April 2006
(South Korea) - May 2006

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christian, christian-film, christianity, florist, jew, jewish, korean-american


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Cast of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Daly, Michael (VIII) as [Jack/Delivery Guy] <11>
  2. Flanagan, Ed (II) as [Benjamin Shapiro] <4>
  3. Galliano, Paul (I) as (as Paul Gagliano) [Michael Shapiro] <2>
  4. Holly, Graham as [Israeli Reading Newspaper] <15>
  5. Jaworsky, Thaddeus as [Hotel Clerk] <20>
  6. Lewis, Morton (I) as [Gerald/Lawyer #2] <9>
  7. Meadows, Marc as [Minister] <18>
  8. Miranda, Jesse Jam as (uncredited) [Seder Guest]
  9. Balkan, Carole as [Betty] <7>
  10. Butcher, Alice as [Old Lady] <17>
  11. Choi, Sun Ja as [Ahn Sohn] <3>
  12. Curtis, Hope as [Seder Guest] <13>
  13. Iverson, Courtlyn as (as Courtney Lynn Iverson) [Terrorist] <14>
  14. Kelley, Louanne as [Rachel Shapiro] <5>
  15. Kittridge, Meagan as [Reporter] <16>
  16. Lee, Annie (III) as [Mina Sohn] <1>
  17. Melanie, Labrecque as (credit only) [Nurse] <21>
  18. Montes de Oca, Ishtar as [Stacy Shapiro/Michael's Sister] <12>
  19. Nam, Suk Hoon as <19>
  20. Ortega, Nicole (I) as [Sophia] <6>
  21. Schulze, Galadriel as [Heidi/Female Lawyer] <10>

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Genres in The Rose of Sharon

  1. Drama
  2. Family

Plot of The Rose of Sharon

Mina Sohn is a Christian, Korean woman living in Los Angeles. She runs a flower shop for a living and ministers to those around as her calling. When a young, Jewish lawyer shows up in need of a Full Plot >>

Composers of music of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Choi, Young Jin

Cinematographers of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Han, Sang Jin
  2. Yoo, Phillip

Editors of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Kim, Hee-Soo

Misc of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Kim, Catherine Kyung Ha (script translator)
  2. Kim, Jung Wha (assistant to director)

Shooting/Filming Locations of The Rose of Sharon

  1. Agoura Hills, California, USA
  2. Capernaum, Israel
  3. Jerusalem, Israel
  4. La Crescenta, California, USA
  5. Los Angeles, California, USA
  6. Malibu, California, USA
  7. Masada, Judean Desert, Israel
  8. Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, USA
  9. Sunland, Los Angeles, California, USA
  10. Tiberias, Israel