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The Hill

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Release Date
(France) - May 1965
(France) - 11 June 1965
(Denmark) - 22 June 1965
(Sweden) - 2 August 1965
(Austria) - October 1965

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Running Time

They went up like men! They came down like animals!

1940s, all-male-cast, based-on-play, beating, belly-dancer, beret, blackmail, british-army, british-military, british-soldier, brutality, chief-medical-officer, cockroach, coercion, corporal-punishment, cruelty, desert, discipline, exhaustion, fire-hose, gas-mask, heat, homophobia, hot-weather, medical-examination


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Cast of The Hill

  1. Andrews, Harry as [R.S.M. Wilson] <2>
  2. Bannen, Ian as [Harris] <3>
  3. Bird, Norman as [Commandant] <10>
  4. Caunter, Tony as [Martin] <13>
  5. Connery, Sean as [Joe Roberts] <1>
  6. Davis, Ossie as [Jacko King] <5>
  7. Goorney, Howard as [Walters] <12>
  8. Hendry, Ian (I) as [Staff Sergeant Williams] <8>
  9. Kinnear, Roy as [Monty Bartlett] <6>
  10. Lynch, Alfred (I) as [George Stevens] <4>
  11. McCarthy, Neil (I) as [Burton] <11>
  12. Payne, James (I) as (uncredited) [Man in Prison]
  13. Redgrave, Michael as (as Sir Michael Redgrave) [The Medical Officer] <9>
  14. Watson, Jack (I) as [Jock McGrath] <7>

  15. All Cast

Genres in The Hill

  1. Drama
  2. War

Plot of The Hill

WWII, in a British disciplinary camp located in the Libyan desert. Prisoners are persecuted by Staff Sergeant Williams, who made them climb again and again, under the heavy sun, an artificial hill Full Plot >>

Business of The Hill

CP: Copyright © MCMLXV by Seven Arts Productions (UK) Limited - All rights of this motion picture reserved under international conventions CP: ©1965 Seven Arts Productions (UK) Limited

Certificate of The Hill

PG (Canada)(video rating)
12 (UK)(video rating) (1998)
PG (Australia)
K-16 (Finland)
16 (Norway)
15 (Sweden)
X (UK)(original rating)
Approved (USA)(certificate #20843)
TV-14 (USA)(TV rating)

Cinematographers of The Hill

  1. Morris, Oswald (director of photography)

Distributors of The Hill

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [us] - (1972) (USA) (TV)
MGM/UA Home Entertainment [us] - (1995) (USA) (VHS)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [gb] - (1965) (UK) (theatrical)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] - (1965) (USA) (theatrical)
Warner Home Video [gb] - (1990) (UK) (VHS)
Warner Home Video [us] - (2007) (USA) (DVD)

Editors of The Hill

  1. Connell, Thelma

Misc of The Hill

  1. Freeman, Geoff (I) (unit publicist) (uncredited)
  2. Montford, George (technical advisor)
  3. Turner, Lee (I) (continuity)

Quotes of The Hill

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Then there's the Commandant. The Commandant signs bits of paper. He'd sign his own death warrant if I gave it to him.

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: New scum and old scum are bad mixes.

Trooper Joe Roberts: We're all doing time. Even the screws.

Trooper Joe Roberts: So what's the charge? Failing to obey an order? Or, drunk in charge of a cigarette lighter? Oh, you crazy bastard! You'd prop up dead men and inspect them if you was ordered to!
Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Right! You're RIGHT!

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: I'm running this place! Me! I'll say what goes and what don't go!
Sergeant Charlie Harris: You ain't running this place, Bert, WILLIAMS is! Look at him! He took over days ago! You STILL haven't caught on!

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Nobody's gonna put a medal on us. But get this straight - one job's as important as the next.

Monty Bartlett: You've got it downstaris, mate, but we've got it upstairs. Live up trees, you blokes do. I seen a film about his tribe once. It was called 'Tarazn and the Ape Man.' When Charlie Blogs found you lot, you was walking around starkers, living Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of The Hill

  1. Ein Haufen toller Hunde (1965) (ENG)

  2. Ein Haufen toller Hunde (1965) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  3. Hügel der verlorenen Männer (1965) (ENG)

  4. Hügel der verlorenen Männer (1965) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  5. La collina del disonore (1965) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations of The Hill

  1. Almería, Andalucía, Spain
  2. MGM British Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (filming studio)

Trivia of The Hill

- In 'Sidney Lumet' (qv)'s autobiography "Making Movies", the director recalled suffering through the horrendous heat of the location and asking 'Sean Connery' (qv) if he was urinating at all, to which Connery's reply was "Only in the morning".

- In Robert Kahn's book, The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Cinema's Hidden Gems, and in the 3 August 2001 New York Times article, "Watching Movies With: Woody Allen," Allen said he regarded 'Sidney Lumet' (qv)'s "The Hill", along with "_The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)_ (qv)", "White Heat", "The Informer", "_Double Indemnity (1944)_ (qv)", and "_Shane (1953)_ (qv)", as being among the best American movies.

- 'Sidney Lumet' (qv) used three wide-angle lenses: a 24mm, a 21mm, and an 18mm. He deliberately wanted distortion in the faces, even the close-ups. Full Trivia >>