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The Comebacks

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3.9/10 (7958 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 on appeal for crude and sexual content throughout and some drug material (re-rating on appeal)

Production Company

Production Designer




Release Date
(USA) - 19 October 2007
(Germany) - 5 June 2008
(Iceland) - 30 June 2008
(Hungary) - 8 July 2008
(Greece) - 14 July 2008

All Release Dates

Running Time
USA:84 Germany:88 107 (unrated version)

Keep your eye on the ball. The producers of "Wedding Crashers" spoof the greatest sports movies ever.

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Pictures of The Comebacks

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Cast of The Comebacks

  1. Abernathy, Don as (uncredited) [Football Fan]
  2. Abikasis, Daniel as [Football Player] <89>
  3. Adams, Ryan (IX) as [Fantasy Dancer] <77>
  4. Akima as [Chief Featherfoot]
  5. Alameda, Tony as (uncredited) [Tattooed Convict]
  6. Anthony, Bryan (I) as [Fantasy Dancer] <78>
  7. Apodaca, Adam as [Maddonald] <40>
  8. Arnett, Will as [Mailman] <15>
  9. Back, George as [Buddy Boy] <7>
  10. Bell, Kenny (II) as [Football Player] <90>
  11. Black, David (III) as (uncredited) [Cameraman]
  12. Blue, David (III) as [LaCrosse Partygoer] <41>
  13. Bowie, Dre as (uncredited) [Titan Football Player]
  14. Brady, Kai Donovan as [Young Lance] <39>
  15. Brand, Jeffrey as [Football Player] <91>
  16. Buckner, Bill (III) as [Himself] <29>
  17. Burke, Kevin Patrick as [Zidane Look-Alike] <42>
  18. Burns, Alex E. as (uncredited) [The Limousine Driver]
  19. Byrd, Sunny as [Football Player] <92>
  20. Caliendo, Frank as [Chip Imitation] <21>
  21. Carney, D.T. as (uncredited) [Team Unbeatable]
  22. Casey, Ren as [Cubs Fan] <43>
  23. Clark, John W. as [Venus Williams Look-Alike] <44>
  24. Coleman, Michael (III) as (uncredited)
  25. Cooper, Bradley (I) as [Cowboy] <17>
  26. Dauber, Lewis as (uncredited)
  27. DeSouza, Ryan O'Neil as (uncredited) [Cuban Refugee]
  28. Devereaux, Rico as (uncredited) [Reporter]
  29. Dew, Marty as [Fantasy Dancer] <79>
  30. Dick, Andy (I) as [Toilet Bowl Referee] <19>

  31. All Cast

Genres in The Comebacks

  1. Comedy
  2. Sport

Plot of The Comebacks

Lambeau Fields lives a middle-class lifestyle in America along with his wife, Barb, and a gorgeous daughter, Michelle, who he has brought up as a son. Lambeau is a failure and has virtually given up Full Plot >>

Business of The Comebacks

CP: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Dune Entertainment LLC in all territories except Brazil, Italy, Korea, Japan and Spain; TCF Hungary Film Rights Exploitation Limited Liability Company, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Dune Entertainment LLC in Brazil, Italy, Korea, Japan and Spain GR: USD 13,349,251 (USA) (23 December 2007) GR: USD 13,329,782 (USA) (16 December 2007) GR: USD 13,273,306 (USA) (9 December 2007) GR: USD 13,196,259 (USA) (2 December 2007) GR: USD 13,158,633 (USA) (24 November 2007) GR: USD 13,083,871 (USA) (18 November 2007) GR: USD 11,909,413 (USA) (4 November 2007) GR: USD 5,554,594 (USA) (21 October 2007) OW: USD 5,554,594 (USA) (21 October 2007) (2,812 screens) SD: 11 October 2006 - ? WG: USD 3,148 (USA) (23 December 2007) (12 screens) WG: USD 38,567 (USA) (16 December 2007) (83 screens) WG: USD 69,483 (USA) (9 December 2007) (112 screens) WG: USD 31,248 (USA) (2 December 2007) (96 screens) WG: USD 29,707 (USA) (24 November 2007) (95 screens) WG: USD 206,491 (USA) (18 November 2007) (358 screens) WG: USD 1,443,947 (USA) (4 November 2007) (1,632 screens) WG: USD 5,554,594 (USA) (21 October 2007) (2,812 screens)

Certificate of The Comebacks

R (USA)(original rating)
NC-16 (Singapore)
16 (Argentina)
K-11 (Finland)
12 (Germany)
R13 (New Zealand)
MA (Australia)
12 (Netherlands)
PG-13 (USA)(re-rating on appeal)

Composers of music of The Comebacks

  1. Lennertz, Christopher

Cinematographers of The Comebacks

  1. Richmond, Anthony B.

Costume Designers of The Comebacks

  1. Pérez Jr., Salvador

Distributors of The Comebacks

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [br] - (2008) (Brazil) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (2008) (USA) (DVD)
20th Century Fox de Argentina [ar] - (2008) (Argentina) (all media)
20th Century Fox of Germany [de] - (2008) (Germany) (theatrical)
FS Film Oy [fi] - (2008) (Finland) (DVD)
Fox Atomic [us] - (2007) (USA) (theatrical)
Gativideo [ar] - (2008) (Argentina) (DVD)
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment [nl] - (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD)

Editors of The Comebacks

  1. Bell, Alan Edward

Misc of The Comebacks

  1. Anderson, Julie M. (II) (production supervisor)
  2. Beatrice, Michael (assistant accountant)
  3. Boehm, Ted (assistant: Peter Abrams and Andrew Panay)
  4. Bonachea, Luis (production assistant)
  5. Brenner, Ben (assistant: Peter Abrams and Andrew Panay)
  6. Browne, Tracy (I) (second assistant accountant)
  7. Brugger, Robert D. (set medic)
  8. Carter, Kerry (I) (production assistant: second unit)
  9. Dante (IV) (warm-up comic)
  10. Dauber, Paulette (unit publicist)
  11. DeGuzman, Ron J. (production assistant)
  12. Dorflinger, Jon (assistant: Tom Brady)
  13. Durant, Diane (script supervisor)
  14. Einhorn, Jeff (I) (photo double: Randy Sklar)
  15. Erasmi, Manrico (set production assistant)
  16. Garcia, Lily (I) (set production assistant)
  17. Geary, Wendy (set production assistant)
  18. Geschwind, Marc C. (extras coordinator)
  19. Gonzalez, Tony (I) (choreographer)
  20. Graf, Allan (football coordinator)
  21. Graf, Derek (assistant football coordinator)
  22. Graf, Nicole (II) (football operations coordinator)
  23. Herpich, Russ (puppeteer)
  24. Klatt, Jennifer (first assistant accountant)
  25. Lamkin, Robert (caterer)
  26. Lewis Jr., Gene A. (production assistant) (uncredited)
  27. Lewis, Melanie (V) (dancer)
  28. Linick, Jessica (production assistant)
  29. Martin, Steve (X) (rigging medic)
  30. Mazero, Chad (production assistant)
  31. Meyer, Jeremy (I) (assistant location manager)
  32. Meyer, Ralph B. (key location manager)
  33. O'Kane, Aina (puppeteer)
  34. Perrotta, Scooter (set production assistant)
  35. Radia, Sharina (crowd production assistant)
  36. Rappaport, Mark (III) (puppeteer)
  37. Sandoval, Will (production assistant)
  38. SanSone, Todd (wireless imaging technician: aerial unit)
  39. Suchoff, Noah (set production assistant)
  40. Swidarski, Jim (payroll accountant)
  41. Tanchauco, Bernadette (production accountant)
  42. Tull, Stephanie (additional set production assistant)
  43. Twombly, Michael P. (assistant production coordinator) (as Mish Twombly)
  44. Wentz, Jordan (heartland cheerleader)

Quotes of The Comebacks

Michelle Fields: I want to have what you and mom have.
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: Herpes?

Titans Coach: Crack is whack and white don't cover black!

Michelle Fields: I was out catching some waves.
Lance Truman: In the middle of Texas?
Michelle Fields: I told you I'm hardcore.

Vince: Hey coach. Name is Vince. I'm just a bartender from Philly whose only dream is to play ball. It's all I got left after I lost my job teaching, and my wife left me. Like my alcoholic father used to say before he passed on, "A man can only take so much failure!" I'll give you everything I got. What do you say coach?
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: I say you can add "Did not make the football team" to your list of woes.

Lambeau "Coach" Fields: Yeah, this is great. Middle of Podunk, nowhere. How am I gonna find an All-American quarterback?
God: If you build it, he will come. If you build it, he will come...
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: Who will come?
God: Your father. Your dead father.
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: My father's not dead. I just spoke with him this morning.
God: You got to be shittin' me. Is this 314 Bentley road?
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: No this is 314 Bentley drive.
God: That damn Google Maps. Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of The Comebacks

  1. Il peggior allenatore del mondo (2008) (ENG)

  2. Sports Movie (2008) (ENG)
    (UK) (DVD title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of The Comebacks

  1. California State University - 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, California, USA - (football game at end of movie)
  2. Fullerton, California, USA
  3. Los Angeles, California, USA
  4. Pierce College - 6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Trivia of The Comebacks

- Not screened for critics.

- The coach's name, Lambeau Fields, is a play on Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers. Full Trivia >>