Tangerine (1979)

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6.6/10 (32 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 1979
(Japan) - 2 May 1981
(France) - 23 March 1983

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Running Time
France:85 USA:75

The Sweetest Scam of All... Poon Was Never This Tangy!

bathtub, blackmail, businessman, con-artist, deceit, hardcore, kitchen-floor, mansion, nudity, oral-sex, party, scam, secret, sex, shower


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Cast of Tangerine

  1. Adams, Jesse (I) as (uncredited) [Elliot]
  2. Eberhart, Gary as (as Clifford Dennis) [Couple in Kitchen] <18>
  3. Freeman, Harry (II) as (as Martin Markley) [Nichols] <7>
  4. Harris, Blair (I) as (as Brendan Monet) [Logan] <13>
  5. Hooper, Charles (I) as [Tim] <11>
  6. Horner, Mike (I) as (as Don Hart) [Eckerman] <8>
  7. Morrison, Michael (XIII) as (as Milt Ingersoll) [Hammersmith] <5>
  8. Pacheco, Richard (I) as (as Howie Greene) (also as Howie Gordon) [Haley] <6>
  9. Ranger, Mike as (as Mike Carlson) [Steele] <9>
  10. Scudder, Ken (I) as [Williamson] <12>
  11. Anderson, Juliet as (as Judy Callin) (also as Judy Fallbrook) [Aunt] <10>
  12. Ashley, Mandy (II) as (as Mandy Morgan) [Trio in Shower] <14>
  13. Blue, Lori as (as Laurie Blue) (credit only) [Hope] <3>
  14. Ducharme, Angel as [Charity] <4>
  15. Dwyer, Liza as [Couple in Kitchen] <17>
  16. McCall, Holly (I) as [Faith] <2>
  17. Shayne, Kitty as (as Lynde Mcgee) (also as Lynde McGee) [Trio in Shower] <15>
  18. St. James, Jesie as (credit only) (as Jessie St. James) [Trio in Shower] <16>
  19. West, Jennifer (I) as (as CeCe Malone) [Tangerine] <1>

  20. All Cast

Genres in Tangerine

  1. Adult

Business of Tangerine

CP: mcmlxxix Tangerine Productions

Certificate of Tangerine

Unrated (Iceland)
X (France)

Composers of music of Tangerine

  1. Morton, John (IX)

Cinematographers of Tangerine

  1. Michael, Stefan (director of photography)

Distributors of Tangerine

Alpha France [fr] - (1983) (France) (theatrical)
Essex Video [us] - (1984) (USA) (VHS) (as Video Classics)
VCA Pictures [us] - (????) (USA) (VHS) (as Classix Video)
VCX [us] - (????) (USA) (VHS)
VCX [us] - (2004) (USA) (DVD)

Editors of Tangerine

  1. Gard, Howard

Misc of Tangerine

  1. Michael, Sally (script supervisor)

Quotes of Tangerine

Haley: Tell me, uh, Tangerine, are there any special men in your life?
Tangerine: There are many special men in my life, Mr. Haley.
Haley: Tangerine, that's same as not having any.
Tangerine: That's quite true , Mr. Haley. Full Quotes >>

Trivia of Tangerine

- Tangerine was actor 'Michael Morrison (XIII)' (qv)'s first adult film role. Full Trivia >>