Ta mej i dalen (1977)

Ta mej i dalen (1977) Movie

Ta mej i dalen

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4.7/10 (24 Votes)

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Release Date
(Sweden) - 26 September 1977

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En saftig hårdporrfilm om livet på landet inspelad i Sverige

countryside, cunnilingus, deep-throat, doggystyle-sex, ejaculation, farm, fellatio, hardcore, lesbian-sex, masturbation, revenge, sex, sexual-initiation, surveyor, voyeurism


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Cast of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Chittell, Chris as (as Charles Canyon) [Richard] <2>
  2. Edwards, Eric (II) as [George] <3>
  3. Jörgensen, Knud as [Joe the Farmhand] <4>
  4. Ericsson, Anita as (as Anita Chris) [The Stable Girl] <7>
  5. Laurent, Jacqueline (II) as (as Madelaine Laforet) [The Woman] <1>
  6. Magle, Anne as [The Mechanic] <8>
  7. Pope, Kim (I) as [Kitty the Cook] <6>
  8. Rains, Darby Lloyd as [Esther the Teacher] <5>

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Genres in Ta mej i dalen

  1. Adult
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama

Plot of Ta mej i dalen

Three major American stars enhance this Swedish sex film. It also offers a realistic and nostalgic look at life on a working farm. Eric Edwards plays Cousin George, a rather oafish dolt, more shy Full Plot >>

Business of Ta mej i dalen

GR: SEK 1,337,697 (Sweden) PD: 1975 -

Certificate of Ta mej i dalen

15 (Sweden)

Composers of music of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Fors, Lennart (as Kenneth Greuz)

Cinematographers of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Brandhild, Arne

Costume Designers of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Wickman, Klinga

Distributors of Ta mej i dalen

Cal-Vista International Pictures [us] - (1978) (USA) (theatrical)
Klubb Super 8 Video [se]
Swedish Film Production (SFP) [se] - (1977) (Sweden) (theatrical)
VCX [us] - (2008) (worldwide) (all media)

Misc of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Jonsson, Lisbeth (script girl)

Other Titles of Ta mej i dalen

  1. Countrylife (1977) (ENG)

  2. Girl on Her Knees (1977) (ENG)
    (USA) (DVD title)

  3. Lantliv (1975) (ENG)
    (Sweden) (working title)

  4. Practice Makes Perfect (1977) (ENG)