Syota ng bayan (2001)

Syota ng bayan (2001) Movie

Syota ng bayan

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4.8/10 (14 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 31 January 2001

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actor, actress, defeat, director, election, erotica, mayor, political-candidate, political-drama, politics, religion, religious-leader, sex, sex-in-a-car, sexy-pinay, softcore


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Cast of Syota ng bayan

  1. Adalia, Khryss as (as Khryss Adalla) [Director] <19>
  2. Aladdin, Nick as (as Nick Alladin) [Tanya's Campaign Manager] <23>
  3. Aquino, Ed as [Filemon Palaban] <53>
  4. Barantes, Dindo as [Radio Announcer] <34>
  5. Bautista, Neil as [Video Man] <55>
  6. Bernales, Alvin J. as (as Alvin Bernales) [Narrator] <58>
  7. Corales, Dominic as [Ring Bearer] <52>
  8. Enriquez, Francis as [Actor (Leo)] <18>
  9. Estacio, Jo as (as Joe 'EJ' Estacio) [Pipi] <31>
  10. Ganie as [Ruben] <16>
  11. Garcia, Eddie (I) as [Mayor Golano] <3>
  12. Gutierrez, Tonton as [Peter Lee Golano] <2>
  13. Martin, Gerry (II) as (as Jerry Martin) [Golano's Bodyguard] <20>
  14. Mañalac, Eddie as [Tanya's Kapartido] <24>
  15. Negrillo, Jhonny as (as Johnny Negrilio) [Bulag] <32>
  16. Negrillo, Rolando as (as Rolando Negrilio) [Pilay] <33>
  17. Noriesta, Danny as [Kulto's Spotter] <35>
  18. Paul (XLI) as [3rd Candidate] <57>
  19. Petilla, Stephen as [Cord Sponsor] <50>
  20. Pineda, Crispin as [Pedring] <14>
  21. Pineda, Harold as [Robert] <30>
  22. Robles, Paolo as (as Paulo Robles) [Paulo] <9>
  23. Romulo, Romy as [Henry] <11>
  24. Roque, Boy as [Boy Roque] <12>
  25. Santos, Vic (I) as [Golano's Bodyguard] <21>
  26. Ventura, Ray (II) as [Tandang Ponso] <6>
  27. Vivar, Bert as [Golano's Bodyguard] <22>
  28. Abaldo, Jennifer (I) as [Kulto's Disciple] <41>
  29. Abaldo, Jennifer (II) as [Kulto's Disciple] <41>
  30. Almeda, Priscilla as [Tanya Marquez] <1>

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Genres in Syota ng bayan

  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Certificate of Syota ng bayan

R-18 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Syota ng bayan

  1. Fabregas, Jaime

Cinematographers of Syota ng bayan

  1. Sioson, Isagani (director of photography)

Distributors of Syota ng bayan

Solar Films [ph]

Editors of Syota ng bayan

  1. Vinarao, Along (as Arcadio 'Along' Vinarao)

Misc of Syota ng bayan

  1. Aguilar, Randall (production assistant)
  2. Alano, Joanne (script continuity)
  3. Almazar, Angelo (utility)
  4. Antonio III, Antonio (utility)
  5. Atienza, Luz (telephone operator: Solar Films)
  6. Baesas, Cesar (copywriter: Solar Films)
  7. Borgonia, Ed (collector: Solar Films)
  8. Cajucom, Pura (assistant booker: Solar Films)
  9. Celestino, Jony (revisor: Solar Films)
  10. Constantino, Ronald (promotions and publicity)
  11. Cuartero, Nestor (promotions and publicity)
  12. Espina, Armando (shipper: Solar Films)
  13. Esplana, Evalyn (bookkeeper: Solar Films)
  14. Evangelista, Ces (promotions and publicity)
  15. Fajardo, Dennis (disbursing officer: Solar Films)
  16. Gonzales, Gil (payroll master: Solar Films) (as Ghil Gonzales)
  17. Imperial, Gilbert (film vaultman: Solar Films)
  18. Jardon, Vic (assistant sales manager: Solar Films) (as Vic Jardin)
  19. Juaneza, Dondon (messenger: Solar Films)
  20. Lo, Ricky (promotions and publicity)
  21. Mallari, Marina (advertising department: Solar Films)
  22. Mesa-Bayuga, Mynne (accounting head: Solar Films) (as Mynne Mesa)
  23. Noriesta, Danilo (utility)
  24. Ortega, Narding (schedule master)
  25. Pascual, Eric (messenger/utility: Solar Films)
  26. Ramirez, Susan (sales manager: Solar Films)
  27. Romero, Alex (III) (advertising department: Solar Films)
  28. Wee, Pilar (liaison officer: Solar Films)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Syota ng bayan

  1. Bacnotan, La Union, Luzon, Philippines
  2. Balaoan, La Union, Luzon, Philippines