Stark Love (1927)

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Stark Love

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Release Date
(USA) - 28 February 1927
(Finland) - 11 June 1928

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cabin, censored-rape-scene, education, filmed-on-location, first-time-actor, flood, loss-of-wife, marriage, natural-lighting, non-professional-cast, ozark-mountains, primitive, redneck, yokel


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Cast of Stark Love

  1. Grogan, Reb as [Quill Allen] <3>
  2. James, Forrest as [Rob Warwick] <2>
  3. Miracle, Silas as [Jason Warwick] <4>
  4. Mundy, Helen as [Barbara Allen] <1>

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Genres in Stark Love

  1. Drama

Cinematographers of Stark Love

  1. Murray, James (IV)

Distributors of Stark Love

Paramount Pictures [us] - (1927) (USA) (theatrical)

Misc of Stark Love

  1. Crockett, Davey (guide)
  2. Lasky, Jesse L. (presenter)
  3. Zukor, Adolph (presenter)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Stark Love

  1. Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina, USA

Trivia of Stark Love

- Filmed entirely with a non-professional cast. The two leads, 'Forrest James' (qv) and 'Helen Mundy' (qv), were from Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee, respectively, but the rest were authentic mountain people from Virginia. Despite their involvement as actors, these people had no interest in films, and never saw the movie after it was finished.

- The film was shot, whenever possible, using natural light, even at night, which was practically unheard-of at the time. None of the cast ever wore make-up, which was also a rarity.

- 'Helen Mundy' (qv), then a 16-year-old high school student from Knoxville, was later described by 'Karl Brown (I)' (qv) as "the most difficult person I ever had anything to do with." He recalled her as being very demanding and frequently threatened to walk off the film. The film was being shot in the mountains, far from civilization, and when she did occasionally wander off angrily, Helen would come back after an hour or two. 'Forrest James' (qv), however, seems to have caused no trouble at all.

- The original ending included a climax where a character forces himself sexually on Barbara. The scene was cut and another scene, the flood, was shot instead. Full Trivia >>