Spanking the Monkey (1994)

Spanking the Monkey (1994) Movie

Spanking the Monkey

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6.3/10 (3587 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - January 1994
(USA) - 15 July 1994
(Australia) - 9 June 1995
(UK) - 11 August 1995
(Argentina) - 21 November 1996

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Get a grip on yourself. A gripping comedy about letting go.

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Cast of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Davies, Jeremy (I) as [Ray Aibelli] <1>
  2. Domke, Judah as [Don] <11>
  3. Hendrickson, Benjamin as [Tom Aibelli] <3>
  4. Husson, Richard as [Dr. Peck] <20>
  5. Keeler, William (I) as [Dean (Businessman)] <22>
  6. Marcus, Jim as [Dr. Marcos] <19>
  7. Orth, Zak as [Curtis] <9>
  8. Paolini, Carmine as [Mailman] <14>
  9. Puckett, Matthew as [Nicky] <8>
  10. Resnik, Jed as [Fran's Son] <17>
  11. Schmerling, John (I) as [Trucker] <24>
  12. Silvers, Dean as [Boss] <23>
  13. Wallace, Neil Connie as [Walter Hooten] <15>
  14. Weinstein, Josh Phillip as [Joel] <10>
  15. Fields, Nancy as [Dr. Wilson] <12>
  16. Gallo, Carla (I) as [Toni Peck] <5>
  17. Grillo, Angela as [Nurse] <18>
  18. Grimstad, Ty-Ranne as [Secretary] <21>
  19. Jean, Liberty as [Motel Woman #1] <6>
  20. Jones, Judette as [Aunt Helen] <13>
  21. Martin, Archer as [Motel Woman #2] <7>
  22. Newett, Elizabeth as [Bus Woman] <2>
  23. Stratton, Lleana as [Fran Gibson] <16>
  24. Watson, Alberta as [Susan Aibelli] <4>

  25. All Cast

Genres in Spanking the Monkey

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Plot of Spanking the Monkey

Raymond Aibelli is a promising medical student ready to begin a prestigious summer internship. But Susan, his mother, is immobilized by a broken leg, and his father Tom, a travelling salesman, makes Full Plot >>

Business of Spanking the Monkey

BT: USD 200,000 GR: USD 1,359,736 (USA)

Certificate of Spanking the Monkey

R18 (New Zealand)
R21 (Singapore)
18 (Argentina)
R (Australia)
14A (Canada)
18 (UK)
Unrated (USA)

Composers of music of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Carbonara, David

Cinematographers of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Mayers, Michael (I)

Costume Designers of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Greco, Carolyn

Distributors of Spanking the Monkey

Argentina Video Home [ar] - (Argentina) (video)
Fine Line Features [us]
New Line Home Video [us] - (video)

Editors of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Martin, Pamela (II)

Misc of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Byrne, Orla (I) (product placement)
  2. Emmert, Allison (production assistant)
  3. Glynn, Victor (executive vice president)
  4. Grillo, Angela (additional craft service)
  5. Grillo, Janet (I) (location manager)
  6. Hernandez, Rio Dylan (assistant to director)
  7. Jennings, Carol (location manager)
  8. Kauffman, Gary (I) (legal services: The Law Offices of Dean Silvers)
  9. Krantz, Linda (production assistant)
  10. Larkin, George (II) (assistant to producer) (as George W. Larkin)
  11. LeHane, Edward (production assistant)
  12. Madden, Sean (II) (production assistant)
  13. Projansky, Daniel (location manager) (as Dan Projansky)
  14. Russell, David O. (dog trainer) (as David Russell)
  15. Schnipper, Margaret (I) (script supervisor)
  16. Tillmanns, Natascha (production coordinator)

Quotes of Spanking the Monkey

Ray Aibelli: [Helen keeps interrupting Ray and his mother talk] Can you do me a favor, Helen? [shouting] Shut your big fat mouth!
Ray Aibelli: [moments later after she walks off the house] I'm sorry! I didn't mean to.
Aunt Helen: [crying] You said fat mouth! Full Quotes >>

Shooting/Filming Locations of Spanking the Monkey

  1. Pawling, New York, USA

Trivia of Spanking the Monkey

- Director 'David O. Russell' (qv) cast 'Jeremy Davies' based on the actor's performance in a Suburu commercial.

- Studio execs originally wanted 'Faye Dunaway' (qv) for the role of the mother.

- Shot for around $80,000 with money coming partially from short film grants.

- DIRCAMEO('David O. Russell' (qv)): in white T-shirt in the background at the bus stop where Ray's father picks him up. Full Trivia >>