Singsing ni Lola (2002)

Singsing ni Lola (2002) Movie

Singsing ni Lola

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6.5/10 (10 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 30 October 2002

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Cast of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Aranas, Rey as [Janitor] <22>
  2. Bolado, Jojo as [Albolaryo] <24>
  3. Cruz III, Tirso as [Peping] <10>
  4. Cruz, T.J. as [Young Peping] <19>
  5. dela Cruz, Uro Q. as [Editor] <21>
  6. Duran, Mach as [Taxi Driver] <23>
  7. K., Allan as [Guard] <5>
  8. Matti, Erik as [Patient] <29>
  9. Torre, Joel as [Fidel] <2>
  10. Valeroso, Railey as [Andy] <14>
  11. Velasco, Boy as [Desk Sergeant] <28>
  12. Aguirre, Melissa (II) as [Maid] <17>
  13. Alajar, Gina as [Esper] <1>
  14. Borras, Febette as [Maid] <16>
  15. Claudio, Nenette as [Doctor] <26>
  16. Coole, Amanda as [Writer] <31>
  17. Crisologo, Mhalouh as (as Malouh Crisologo) [Maid] <15>
  18. Cruz, Von Aleli as (as Von Cruz) [Young Juanita] <25>
  19. de Castro, Glaiza as [Tacion] <12>
  20. De Leon, Melissa (I) as [Juanita] <9>
  21. dela Cruz, Tata as [Nurse] <27>
  22. Doria, Dexter as [Cellmate] <13>
  23. Fernandez, Maritoni as [Mrs. Santos] <7>
  24. Gonzales, Dianne as [Employee] <30>
  25. Llarena, Dindin as (as Shanadine Llarena) [Anna] <6>
  26. Magalona, Maxene as [Vik] <4>
  27. Romero, Gloria (I) as [Lola] <11>
  28. Salvador, Pola as [Young Esper] <18>
  29. San Pedro, Maryanne as [Lucy] <20>
  30. Seguerra, Aiza as [Karen] <3>

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Genres in Singsing ni Lola

  1. Comedy
  2. Family
  3. Fantasy
  4. Horror
  5. Thriller

Business of Singsing ni Lola

BT: PHP 40,000,000

Certificate of Singsing ni Lola

G (Philippines)

Composers of music of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Buencamino, Nonong

Cinematographers of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Peralta, Charlie (director of photography)

Distributors of Singsing ni Lola

Regal Films [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (theatrical) (as Regal Entertainment)
Regal Home Video [ph] - (2003) (Philippines) (DVD)

Editors of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Alano, Renewin
  2. Dale, Ronald Allan (as Ron Dale)

Misc of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Aboso, Rex Steve (caretaker: Regal Films)
  2. Alano, Lee-Anne (traffic coordinator: Roadrunner Network) (as Lee-Ann Villaluz-Alano)
  3. Bandong, Beng (traffic coordinator: Roadrunner Network)
  4. Bon, Edward (caretaker: Regal Films)
  5. Bon, Toybitz (caretaker: Regal Films)
  6. Buencamino, Elmer (film specialist: Roadrunner Network)
  7. Buslon, Jerry (caretaker: Regal Films) (as Jerry Busloon)
  8. Chico, Frank (technical operations engineer: Roadrunner Network)
  9. Dela Paz, Ferdiliza (production secretary)
  10. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical operations engineer: Roadrunner Network)
  11. Espina, Rolly (caretaker: Regal Films)
  12. Guevarra, Dolor (publicity and promotions)
  13. Hufancia, Bet Bet (traffic coordinator: Roadrunner Network)
  14. Limbo, Erwin (caretaker: Regal Films)
  15. Lontoc, Elvis (caretaker: Regal Films)
  16. Magat, Edward (hmi operator: Regal Films)
  17. Marcelo, Glenn (publicity and promotions)
  18. Miranda, Rico (publicity and promotions)
  19. Monteverde, Grace (executive manager)
  20. Monteverde, Jynett (publicity and promotions)
  21. Muro, Jun (caretaker: Regal Films) (as Jun Murro)
  22. Salazar Jr., Reynaldo (technical operations engineer: Roadrunner Network)
  23. Salcedo, Nida (talent coordinator)
  24. Umali, Nar (technical operations engineer: Roadrunner Network)
  25. Veras, Luz (production accountant) (as Luz T. Veras)
  26. Victorio, Bea (traffic coordinator: Roadrunner Network)
  27. Vidal, Theody (production accountant) (as Theody R. Vidal)
  28. Villanueva, Dj (hmi operator: Regal Films)
  29. Vinzon, Angelito (caterer)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Singsing ni Lola

  1. Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines