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Release Date
(USA) - 17 June 1975
(USA) - 28 July 1975

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She was old enough to know better, but too young to care.

15-year-old, angel-of-death, blow-job, bondage, bride, caught-masturbating, death, dildo, dildo-in-anus, dildo-in-vagina, double-dildo, ejaculation-on-face, father, father-daughter-incest, fellatio, flashing, hardcore, incest, interracial-sex, jogger, lesbian-sex, maid, mud-on-carpet, punishment, rape


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Cast of Sexteen

  1. Caine, Roger as (uncredited) [Bruno]
  2. Cooper, Lefty as (uncredited) [Jogger in Park]
  3. Gillis, Jamie as (uncredited) [Jay]
  4. Griffith, Grover as (uncredited) [Angel of Death]
  5. Humm, Mickey as (uncredited) [Lolita's Father]
  6. Richards, Tony (V) as (uncredited) [Room Service]
  7. Anthony, Bree as (as Sue Rowan) [The French Maid] <1>
  8. Barrett, Angel as (uncredited) [Clarissa]
  9. Jordan, Jennifer (VIII) as (uncredited) [Peggy]
  10. Laing, C.J. as (uncredited) [Roz]
  11. Lane, Jenny (I) as (as Shelly Lee) [Lolita] <4>
  12. Love, Candy (II) as [Clarissa's Friend] <3>
  13. Sorel, Julia as (uncredited) [Peggy's Aunt]
  14. Star, Gwen as [Girl in Park] <2>

  15. All Cast

Genres in Sexteen

  1. Adult

Plot of Sexteen

After a vigorous session of love-making Jay rolls off Roz to find the Angel of Death waiting for them. His message - they're next on his list. He's early so he chats a bit with the two. He tells them Full Plot >>

Business of Sexteen

BT: USD 40,000

Certificate of Sexteen

BPjM Restricted (Germany)

Cinematographers of Sexteen

  1. Ziehm, Howard (photographed by) (as Lynn Metz)

Distributors of Sexteen

Metro Releasing Inc. [us] - (1976) (USA) (theatrical)
Quality X Video - (1978) (USA) (VHS)
VCA Pictures [us] - (1984) (USA) (VHS)

Quotes of Sexteen

[first lines]
Jay: Who the hell are you?
Angel of Death: I'm called the Angel of Death.
Roz: Jay, make him go away. He can't be for real.

[last lines]
Roz: Whoa, Jay, that did it! Look at old Death, and it's a beauty too!
Jay: We did it. We won, right? We won.
Roz: What would you like to do with this?
Angel of Death: [amid various moans as Roz impales him with a strapon] Oh, in the ass! Oh, in the ass! Oh, it hurts so good! Oh, oh! Ahhhh! Ha ha ha ha... Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of Sexteen

  1. The Cumming of the Devil (2006) (ENG)
    (USA) (DVD title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Sexteen

  1. Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA