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5.6/10 (7373 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for language and sexual content

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Release Date
(USA) - 20 February 1998
(Singapore) - 7 May 1998
(Australia) - 16 July 1998
(Iceland) - 31 July 1998
(Germany) - 3 September 1998

All Release Dates

Running Time
93 France:108 Spain:95 Argentina:96

A secret experiment gave him super senses. Then came the side-effects.

body-piercing, business, college, drugs, fraternity, hockey, independent-film, masturbation, medical-experiment, sensory-deprivation, sensory-enhancement, sperm-donor, title-directed-by-female


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Cast of Senseless

  1. Basile, Joe (I) as [Security Guard] <41>
  2. Brogger, Ivar as [Economics Coach] <38>
  3. Brown, Orlando (I) as [Brandon Witherspoon] <25>
  4. Butters, Mike as [Hockey Referee] <24>
  5. Cooney, Kevin (I) as [Mr. Thorpe] <37>
  6. Costanza, Len as [Board Member] <45>
  7. Dourif, Brad as [Dr. Wheedon] <2>
  8. Downes, Kevin as [Smythe-Bates Finalist] <47>
  9. Enberg, Alexander as [Drug Intervention Student] <33>
  10. Ester, Michael Dean as [Chet] <22>
  11. Ewing, Patrick as [Himself] <31>
  12. Ferreira, Roger as (uncredited) [Board Member]
  13. Garlin, Jeff as [Arlo Vickers] <30>
  14. Georgopoulos, Dean as (uncredited) [Hockey Player]
  15. Gossom Jr., Thom as [Clothing Salesman] <43>
  16. Grunberg, Greg as [Steve] <23>
  17. Heath, Darrel as [Shady Guy] <42>
  18. Hemsley, Sherman as [Smythe-Bates Doorman] <49>
  19. Ingle, John as [Economics Professor] <9>
  20. Intiraymi, Manu as [Drug Intervention Student] <34>
  21. Jefferson, Brenden as (as Brenden Richard Jefferson) [Lyndell Witherspoon] <28>
  22. Lawrence, Mark Christopher as [Wig Shop Owner] <5>
  23. Lerner, Ken (I) as [Dean Barlow] <15>
  24. Lillard, Matthew as [Tim LaFlour] <6>
  25. Lively, Ernie (I) as [Coach Brandau] <11>
  26. McGonagle, Richard as [Robert Bellweather] <20>
  27. Meldrum, Jeremy Paul as [Smythe-Bates Finalist] <46>
  28. Morgan, Branden R. as (as Branden Morgan) [Smythe-Bates Finalist] <48>
  29. O'Neill, Patrick (I) as [Waiter #1] <16>
  30. Rayburn, Ross as [Waiter #2] <17>

  31. All Cast

Genres in Senseless

  1. Comedy
  2. Romance

Plot of Senseless

Darryl Witherspoon is a young black college student who wants to win annual junior analyst competition, which can land him a job in a big brokerage company. He becomes a guinea pig for the drug Full Plot >>

Business of Senseless

GR: USD 13,035,599 (USA) (10 May 1998) GR: USD 12,971,761 (USA) (3 May 1998) GR: USD 12,887,438 (USA) (26 April 1998) GR: USD 12,755,531 (USA) (5 April 1998) GR: USD 12,679,298 (USA) (29 March 1998) GR: USD 12,499,069 (USA) (22 March 1998) GR: USD 11,991,679 (USA) (15 March 1998) GR: USD 11,070,677 (USA) (8 March 1998) GR: USD 9,249,606 (USA) (1 March 1998) GR: USD 5,337,651 (USA) (22 February 1998) OW: USD 5,337,651 (USA) (22 February 1998) (1,843 screens) SD: 7 May 1997 - 21 July 1997 WG: USD 2,786,952 (USA) (1 March 1998) (1,850 screens) WG: USD 5,337,651 (USA) (22 February 1998) (1,843 screens)

Certificate of Senseless

L (Iceland)
R (USA)(certificate #35777)
12 (South Korea)
M (Australia)
U (France)
AL (Netherlands)(video premiere)
PG (Singapore)
13 (Spain)
15 (UK)
13 (Argentina)
12 (Germany)

Composers of music of Senseless

  1. Blank, Boris (II) (as Yello)

Cinematographers of Senseless

  1. Okada, Daryn

Costume Designers of Senseless

  1. Cox, Betsy (I)

Distributors of Senseless

Bac Films [fr] - (1999) (France) (theatrical)
Dimension Films [us] - (1998) (USA) (theatrical)
Dimension Home Video [us] - (1999) (USA) (DVD)
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment [us] - (2011) (USA) (DVD)
Gativideo [ar] - (2000) (Argentina) (VHS)
Kinowelt Filmverleih [de] - (1998) (Germany) (theatrical)
Laurenfilm [es] - (1999) (Spain) (theatrical)
Miramax Films [us] - (1998) (worldwide) (all media)
New Films International [us] - (1998) (Non-USA) (all media)
RCV Home Entertainment [nl] - (199?) (Netherlands) (VHS)
RCV Home Entertainment [nl] - (2006) (Netherlands) (DVD)

Editors of Senseless

  1. Albert, Ross

Misc of Senseless

  1. Alexander, Newell (I) (voice performer)
  2. Alexander, Rosemary (I) (voice performer)
  3. Amsden, Liz (assistant: Mr. Carmody)
  4. Baltimore, Anna (set medic)
  5. Bargas, Stephanie (production coordinator: New York)
  6. Beck, Joseph L. (location police officer)
  7. Bellamy Jr., Nathaniel (basketball coordinator) (uncredited)
  8. Bondy, Ken (craft service)
  9. Brescia, Christopher (business and legal affairs: Miramax)
  10. Burkin, Brian (business and legal affairs: Miramax)
  11. Cahill, Ed (production assistant: New York)
  12. Carter, Mitch (I) (voice performer)
  13. Clotworthy, Robert (voice performer)
  14. Courdier, Kate (production assistant: New York)
  15. Coutts, Julian (I) (production assistant: New York)
  16. Cowgill, David (voice performer)
  17. Cowie, Steve (production assistant: additional photography)
  18. Crowley, David (II) (production assistant: additional photography)
  19. Cutler, Wendy (voice performer)
  20. De La Torre, Carlos (I) (production assistant: additional photography)
  21. Dent, Judy (assistant: Mr. Wayans)
  22. Diehl, Jason (location manager: New York)
  23. Dunne, Jennifer (location assistant)
  24. Eisenmann, Ike (voice performer) (as Iake Eissinmann)
  25. Eissinmann, Alex K. (voice performer)
  26. Eyrich, Heather (production assistant: New York)
  27. Fuhr, Grant (double: Darryl)
  28. Fullilove, Donald (voice performer) (as Don Fullilove)
  29. Gaskill, Chris (I) (production assistant: additional photography)
  30. Gilliam, Dawn (script supervisor)
  31. Gingold, Gary (I) (craft service) (as Gary S. Gingold)
  32. Gonneau, Jackie (voice performer)
  33. Guilbeau, David (craft service) (uncredited)
  34. Hansen, Julie (I) (production accountant)
  35. Harper, Tommy (V) (production assistant: additional photography) (as Thomas Harper)
  36. Harris, Kevin (III) (assistant accountant)
  37. Heller, Mark L. (office production assistant)
  38. Henderson, Vonzel (production assistant: New York)
  39. Holmes, Leah (post-production accountant: R.C. Baral & Co.)
  40. Horvitz, Richard Steven (voice performer) (as Richard Horvitz)
  41. House, Lee (I) (set production assistant)
  42. Jackson, Kevin E. (set production assistant) (as Kevin Jackson)
  43. Johnson, Agaarn (office production assistant)
  44. Labyorteaux, Matthew (voice performer)
  45. Legget, Jerry (payroll accountant) (as Jerald Legget)
  46. Linck, David (unit publicist)
  47. Linfoot, Louis (office production assistant)
  48. Mason, Dana (office production assistant) (as Dana S. Mason)
  49. Maxwell, Chris Ann (legal counsel: Troop Meisinger Steuber & Pasich, LLP) (as Chris Ann Maxwell Esq.)
  50. Mirman, Edie (voice performer)
  51. Morgan, Deirdre (II) (script supervisor: New York)
  52. Morrow, Leslie A. (location assistant)
  53. Neel Brogan, Wendy (assistant production coordinator) (as Wendy Brogan)
  54. Nichols, Eric (I) (location police coordinator: P.P.S.)
  55. Parker, Kristin (I) (assistant: Mr. Hoberman)
  56. Perelman-Taylor, Randol (set production assistant)
  57. Pierce, Teri (animal trainer)
  58. Polatin, Nathan (location assistant)
  59. Prose, Apryl A. (assistant: Mr. Spade) (as Apryl Prose)
  60. Runnels, Greg (office production assistant)
  61. Scharbo, Grant (production secretary)
  62. Schnuck, Brian (assistant: Ms. Spheeris)
  63. Sheeser, Triby (assistant: Mr. Hoberman)
  64. Steadman, Lisa M. (production secretary)
  65. Stefan, Rebecca (key set production assistant)
  66. Strachan, J. Marc (location manager) (as Marc Strachan)
  67. Struiksma, Lynn (set production assistant) (as Lynn Struikswa)
  68. Sweet, Haley (I) (production coordinator) (as Haley B. Sweet)
  69. Timoney, Bill (voice performer)
  70. Toth, Nicholas (I) (animal trainer)
  71. Traynor, James (I) (location assistant: additional photography) (as Jay L. Traynor)
  72. Tyler, Bill (I) (production assistant: additional photography)
  73. Wagner, Kristan (location manager: additional photography)
  74. Weingarten, Caryn (assistant: Mr. Gold)
  75. Wells, Claudette (voice performer)
  76. Willis, Eric (II) (stand-in: Mr. Wayans)
  77. Yesko, Jeff (voice performer)
  78. Zager, Lynnanne (voice performer)

Quotes of Senseless

Darryl: Good afternoon freshmen, freshwomen, and people of freshness.

Scott: Witherspoon. Rushing as a senior, I see.
Darryl: Hey, just trying to join the frat.
Scott: Right on, have a seat. By the way, it's fraternity, not frat. You wouldn't call your country a...
Darryl: Whoa! Not since the Bush years.

Broadcaster: The only questions this year are how badly will they stink, how long will they stink, and will they ever not stink?

Darryl: They killed my baby. He got involved with that whole east coast-west coast thing, and being that he is so Chicago they BOTH banged on him!

Darryl: Oh, I really want to thank you all for helping me with my campus maintenance duties. I think it's a beautiful thing. But remember, plastic goes in the blue, paper in the green.

Tim LaFlour: You may not have faith in fate but, my man, fate has faith in you.

Darryl: Yo sir! Yo! Difference of opinion here.
Economics Professor: Uh, Darryl. And we can do without the yo-ing.
Darryl: What he's saying is let's help people by firing them. Now this seems to me, ebonically speaking, wack.
Scott: Perhaps Darryl does have a special insight into the blue-collar or, should I say, hairnet mentality. Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of Senseless

  1. Effetti collaterali (2000) (ENG)

  2. Effetti collaterali (2000) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Senseless

  1. Royce Hall - 340 Royce Drive, UCLA, Westwood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Trivia of Senseless

- During the ending sequence the song "Movin' on up" is playing as Daryl walks into his building he tips the doorman who is played by 'Sherman Hemsley' (qv), who was the main character in the T.V Show _"The Jeffersons" (1975)_ in which this song was its theme tune.

- During the scene where 'Matthew Lillard' (qv)'s character thinks that Darryl has suffered an over dose, his friends that follow him in the room suggest that he needs a shot of adrenaline to the heart. This is a reference to _Pulp Fiction (1993)_ where Mia Wallace ('Uma Thurman' (qv)) suffers an overdose and is given a shot of adrenaline to restart her heart. (Side note: this method would not actually work if someone suffered an actual overdose) Full Trivia >>