Scorpio Nights (1985)

Scorpio Nights (1985) Movie

Scorpio Nights

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6.9/10 (126 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 18 June 1985
(Philippines) - 14 September 1985
(Canada) - 12 September 1996
(Philippines) - 1 March 2003

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1980s, adultery, animal-in-title, apartment, bare-butt, basketball, cat, compound, erotica, female-frontal-nudity, female-nudity, fetish, gun, iron, male-frontal-nudity, male-nudity, martial-law, murder, night, nudity, peeping-tom, police, radio, sardine, scorpio


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Cast of Scorpio Nights

  1. Abrasia, Carlito as (as Carlito Abracia) [Karlo] <12>
  2. Antonio, Arbie as [Taxi Driver] <17>
  3. Arboleda, Jed as [Ilonggo Student] <13>
  4. Austria, Mike as [Mike] <6>
  5. Balasbas, Caloy as (as Carlos Balasbas) [Elton] <11>
  6. Bernardino, Rommel as (as Romel Bernardino) [Security Guard's Friend] <19>
  7. Castro Jr., Angelo as [Police Director] <16>
  8. dela Cruz, Uro Q. as (as Rosauro Q. dela Cruz) [Barkada] <8>
  9. Enriquez, Eugene as [Genio] <4>
  10. Fernando, Daniel as [Danny] <3>
  11. Gallaga, Peque as [Fely's Father] <21>
  12. Gaston, Dwight as [Ilonggo Student] <14>
  13. Martir, Erin John as [Ilonggo Student] <15>
  14. Medina, Pen as (as Crispin Medina) [Barkada] <7>
  15. Ojeda, Orestes as [Security Guard] <1>
  16. Ontal, Chuck as [Addict] <18>
  17. Reyes, Lore as (as Lorenzo A. Reyes) [Barkada] <9>
  18. Salonga, Rafael as [Barkada] <10>
  19. Amores, Amanda as [Fely] <5>
  20. Gallaga, Madeleine as [Fely's Mother] <20>
  21. Gutierrez, Anna Marie as [Security Guard's Wife] <2>

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Genres in Scorpio Nights

  1. Drama

Plot of Scorpio Nights

In a crowded, multi-appartment house, a young student peeps on his neighbours making love and subsequently develops a steamy affair with the neighbour's wife. The affair slowly becomes an obsession Full Plot >>

Certificate of Scorpio Nights

R-18 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Scorpio Nights

  1. Fabregas, Jaime

Cinematographers of Scorpio Nights

  1. Cruz, Ely

Editors of Scorpio Nights

  1. Navarro, Jess (as Jesus M. Navarro)

Misc of Scorpio Nights

  1. de Pio, Judy Lou (script supervisor)
  2. Emata, Ramon (utility)
  3. Empleo, Anthony (security man)
  4. Gallaga, Madeleine (assistant to project coordinator)
  5. Graza, Tothoe (talent coordinator)
  6. Hispano, Toto (utility)
  7. Martir, Erin John (production assistant)
  8. Mendoza, Freddie (II) (utility)
  9. Quijano, Douglas (project coordinator) (as Douglas C. Quijano)
  10. Taguiwalo, Mario (acting coach) (as Mario M. Taguiwalo)

Trivia of Scorpio Nights

- Scorpio Nights was later remade into a Korean film called _Summertime (2001)_ (qv) directed by 'Jae-ho Park (I)' (qv).

- In one sex sequence where 'Anna Marie Gutierrez' (qv) had to spit her saliva straight into the mouth of 'Daniel Fernando' (qv), the actress did not utilize her own but of Karo syrup used for pancakes. Full Trivia >>