Sands of the Desert (1960)

Sands of the Desert (1960) Movie

Sands of the Desert

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5.5/10 (83 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 8 September 1960

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Cast of Sands of the Desert

  1. Arne, Peter as [Sheikh El Jabez] <2>
  2. Benson, Martin (I) as [Selim] <12>
  3. Boddey, Martin as [Mertons]
  4. Brown, Robert (I) as [1st Tourist]
  5. Carson, Charles (I) as [Philpotts]
  6. Delgado, Roger as [Abu NIal]
  7. Drake, Charlie as [Charlie Sands] <1>
  8. Elliott, Peter (I) as [1st Tourist Official]
  9. Faris, Gamel as (as Gamel Fares) [Customs Official]
  10. Frewin, Eddie as (uncredited) [Arab Driver]
  11. Huntley, Raymond as [Bossom] <4>
  12. Illing, Peter as [Sheikh Ibrahim] <6>
  13. Kasket, Harold as [Abdulla] <7>
  14. Kendall, William (I) as [British Consul]
  15. Lemkow, Tutte as [Bus Driver]
  16. Maitland, Marne as [Advisor to Sheikh] <8>
  17. Malandrinos, Andreas as [Rashid]
  18. McCarthy, Neil (I) as [Hassan] <9>
  19. Peake, Michael (I) as [2nd Tourist Official]
  20. Pohlmann, Eric as [Scrobin] <13>
  21. Stassino, Paul as [Pilot] <15>
  22. Sydney, Derek as [Mamud] <10>
  23. Te Wiata, Inia as [Fahid] <14>
  24. Tilvern, Alan as [Mustafa] <11>
  25. Barrie, Irene as (uncredited) [Minor Role]
  26. Branch, Sarah as [Janet Brown] <3>
  27. Brindley, Madge as [Fat Lady in Bus]
  28. Dignam, Rebecca as [Nerima] <5>
  29. Douglas, Sally (I) as (uncredited) [Harem Girl]
  30. Furse, Judith as [Yasmin] <16>

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Genres in Sands of the Desert

  1. Comedy

Certificate of Sands of the Desert

U (UK)

Composers of music of Sands of the Desert

  1. Black, Stanley

Cinematographers of Sands of the Desert

  1. Taylor, Gilbert (I)

Distributors of Sands of the Desert

Warner Bros. Television [us] - (19??) (USA) (TV) (syndication)
Warner Home Video [gb] - (1990) (UK) (VHS)
Warner-Pathé Distributors [gb] - (1960) (UK) (theatrical)

Editors of Sands of the Desert

  1. Best, Richard (I)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Sands of the Desert

  1. Associated British Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK