Ping Lacson: Super Cop (2000)

Ping Lacson: Super Cop (2000) Movie

Ping Lacson: Super Cop

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 25 December 2000

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based-on-true-story, character-name-in-title, police-officer


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Cast of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Acuba, Arnel as [Ping's Man] <20>
  2. Alamares, Eli as (as Ely Alamares) [Bomb Expert] <71>
  3. Almodobar, Dado as [Other Politician] <76>
  4. Anson, Alvin as [Velayo's Man] <22>
  5. Arenas, Jun as [Velayo's Man] <23>
  6. Aristorenas, Jun as (as Junar Aristorenas) [Robina's Abductor] <47>
  7. Bautista, Herbert as [Rivera] <3>
  8. Bernardo, Sonny as [Senator] <43>
  9. Buencamino, Noni as [Zubia] <8>
  10. Cadsawan, Polly as (as Poly Cadsawan) [Sgt. Alvizo] <39>
  11. Calalay, T.J. as [Robina's Abductor] <49>
  12. Chang, Johnny (IV) as [John Gokongwei] <52>
  13. Cobarrubias, Menggie as (as Menggie Cobbarubias) [Senator] <42>
  14. Comia, Rey as [Vitero Gang Member] <38>
  15. Cortez, Rez as [Cebu Town Mayor] <11>
  16. Cotoco, Sauro as (as Sauro Gotoko) [Chinese Kidnap Victim] <63>
  17. Daluz, Cris as [Activist's Leader] <60>
  18. Davao, Ricky as [Velayo] <4>
  19. de Leon, Aron as [Ping's Child] <30>
  20. de Leon, E.J. as [Relative of Ping] <87>
  21. de Leon, Ferdie as [Relative of Ping] <84>
  22. De Leon, Jojo as [Relative of Ping] <85>
  23. de Leon, Kimmy as [Relative of Ping] <86>
  24. de Vera, Mayor as [Other Politician] <74>
  25. De Villa, Roel as (as Ruel De Villa) [Other Policeman] <79>
  26. dela Cruz, Gilbert as [Lawyer] <73>
  27. Dela Cruz, Paul (I) as [Kuratong Member] <56>
  28. Dela Rosa, Patrick as [Carnap Gang Leader] <26>
  29. Ejercito, Gerald as [Vitero Gang Member] <34>
  30. Escudero, Boyet as [Kuratong Member] <58>

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Genres in Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Action
  2. Biography

Certificate of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

PG-13 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Ortega, Edwin 'Kiko'

Cinematographers of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Diño, Rudy (director of photography) (as Rudy Dino)
  2. Marcelino, Ramon (director of photography)

Distributors of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

Keyser Mercantile [ph] - (2000) (Philippines) (theatrical)
Millennium Cinema [ph] - (2000) (Philippines) (theatrical)
Viva Video [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (video) (VCD)

Editors of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Alano, Renewin (as Renewin B. Alano)
  2. Bernal, Joyce

Misc of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Alano, Lee-Anne (traffic coordinator) (as Lee Anne Villaluz)
  2. Amoyo, Aster (in charge of publicity)
  3. Andaya, Rolando (hmi operator: Millenium Cinema Unit 2)
  4. Apolinario, Tisay (assistant: Rudy Fernandez)
  5. Armea, Victor (utility)
  6. Baltazar, Marian (office staff: Reflection Films)
  7. Banson, Grace (monitoring assistant) (as Grace Banzon)
  8. Barra, Reine (office staff: Reflection Films)
  9. Basco, Rudy (schedule master)
  10. Bautista, Domeng (schedule master) (as Doming Bautista)
  11. Bayed, Nita (schedule master)
  12. Buencamino, Elmer (film specialist)
  13. Cabrera, Dang (executive secretary: Millenium Cinema) (as Dhang Cabrera)
  14. Chico, Frank (technical operations engineer)
  15. Chua, Jenny (traffic coordinator)
  16. David, Baby (project accountant)
  17. David, Romina (office staff: Reflection Films)
  18. De Guia, Cely (other stuntmen and extras)
  19. de Guzman, Percy (sales supervisor)
  20. del Rosario, Noreen (assistant accountant)
  21. Dionisio, Dories (executive secretary: Millenium Cinema)
  22. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical operations engineer)
  23. Fernandez, Moises (adprom staff)
  24. Forte, Ernie (field cashier)
  25. Garcia, Fredo (shipper)
  26. Garcia, Lyza (adprom staff) (as Lyza Evangelista)
  27. Gillego, Luz (utility)
  28. Lamano, Clemente (utility)
  29. Limbo, Marivic (booking secretary)
  30. Malacaman, Macel (traffic coordinator)
  31. Mariano, Let Let (accounts receivable)
  32. Mendoza, Darry (sales supervisor)
  33. Moralita, Daye (technical operations engineer)
  34. Nieto, Marivic (adprom supervisor)
  35. Parilla, Romulo (hmi operator: Millenium Cinema Unit 2)
  36. Quiamco, Jojo (hmi operator: Millenium Cinema Unit 2)
  37. Quirino, Dada (comptroller) (as Atty. Dada Quirino)
  38. Reyes, Lito 'Shalala' (adprom staff) (as Lito Reyes)
  39. Reyes, Maria Luz (cashier)
  40. Reyes, Paquito Y. (sales manager) (as Paquito Reyes)
  41. Salazar, Jun (technical operations engineer)
  42. Sarmiento, Dachie M. (bookkeeper) (as Dachie Sarmiento)
  43. Soriano, Alex (utility)
  44. Tagle, Josie (other stuntmen and extras)
  45. Teope, Alex (hmi operator: Millenium Cinema Unit 2) (as Alex Teofe)
  46. Umali, Nar (technical operations engineer)
  47. Velasquez, Mildred G. (adprom staff) (as Mildred Velasquez)
  48. Vinluan, Cocoy (hmi operator: Millenium Cinema Unit 2)
  49. Yodico, Mike (office staff: Reflection Films)

Other Titles of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Ping Lacson Story (2000) (ENG)
    (Philippines: English title) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Ping Lacson: Super Cop

  1. Camp Crame, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  2. Camp Karingal, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  3. Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines
  4. Libingan ng Mga Bayani, Fort Bonifacio, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  5. Naga, Cebu, Philippines
  6. Tanay, Rizal, Philippines