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7.8/10 (18 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 28 May 2003

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billiards, driver, gambling, gambling-syndicate, godfather, illegal-recruiter, jeepney-driver, love-interest, naivety, one-word-title, pickpocket, policewoman, provincial-setting


Pictures of Pakners

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Cast of Pakners

  1. Alas Stuntmen as <33>
  2. Alvarez, Tom as (as Tom Alvares) <25>
  3. Babasa, Telly as <28>
  4. Banzil, Christian as (as Christian Benzel) [Biker] <39>
  5. Bayola, Wally as [Katya] <18>
  6. Bermundo, Jay as (as Jay Bermudo) [Biker] <44>
  7. Chamat, Marcus as [Billiard Player]
  8. Cristobal, Franklin as [Peejay's Barkada] <16>
  9. Cunanan, Alex as [Biker] <38>
  10. Dayrit, Boy as [Biker] <47>
  11. de Leon, Joey (I) as (uncredited) [Pickpocket]
  12. De Oro, Dardo as <29>
  13. Dela Cruz, Onchie as [Biker] <43>
  14. Delgado, Johnny as [Victor] <8>
  15. Diaz, Boy as <20>
  16. Diaz, Romy (I) as [Olivares] <11>
  17. Ebaristo, Sammuel as (as Samuel Evaristo) [Biker] <46>
  18. Ejercito, Gerald as (as Gerard Ejercito) [Jumbo] <13>
  19. Fernandez, Mar as <26>
  20. Israel, Dick as [Elias] <10>
  21. Javier, Dante as <23>
  22. Jonasson, Benght 'Jonas' as [Billiard Player]
  23. Lapid, John as <30>
  24. Madrigal, Jake as [Biker] <45>
  25. Mangahas, Mahar as
  26. Montes, Pocholo as [Mr. Carreon] <9>
  27. Moran, Oscar as [Biker] <41>
  28. Original Thunder Stuntmen as (as Thunder Stuntmen) <35>
  29. Pader, Torling as <27>
  30. Poe Jr., Fernando as [Nanding Escalante] <1>

  31. All Cast

Genres in Pakners

  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Musical
  4. Sport

Business of Pakners

SD: March 2003 - ?

Certificate of Pakners

G (Philippines)

Composers of music of Pakners

  1. Fabregas, Jaime

Cinematographers of Pakners

  1. Lobo, Sergio (director of photography)

Distributors of Pakners

ABS-CBN [ph] - (????) (Philippines) (TV) (Studio 23)
Media Asia Distribution [hk] - (2005) (worldwide) (DVD) (World Sales)
Viva Video [ph] - (????) (Philippines) (video)

Editors of Pakners

  1. Salvador, Augusto

Misc of Pakners

  1. Advincula, Loreto (studio personnel)
  2. Alvarez, Tom (stand-in: Fernando Poe Jr.)
  3. Ano, Roan (utility) (as Roan Año)
  4. Bartilet, Fred (studio personnel)
  5. Buencamino, Elmer (film specialist)
  6. Buensuceso, Canoy (schedule master)
  7. Buensuceso, Mediong (field cashier)
  8. Calizo, Donato (crew) (as Donato Caliso)
  9. Chico, Frank (technical operations engineer)
  10. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical operations engineer)
  11. Escanillas, Elmer (studio personnel) (as Elmer Escanilla)
  12. Granil, Mariano (studio personnel)
  13. Manabat, Ronnie (studio personnel)
  14. Medes, Constantine (crew) (as Constan Medes)
  15. Moralita, Daye (technical operations engineer)
  16. Nieto, Marivic (public relations officer)
  17. Orillo, Ronel (utility) (as Ronnel Orillo)
  18. Ornedo, Ramon (utility)
  19. Raymundo, Helen (production secretary)
  20. Salazar, Jun (technical operations engineer)
  21. Umali, Nar (technical operations engineer)
  22. Yrastorza, Caloy (studio personnel)

Trivia of Pakners

- Pakners is a corruption of the word "partner".

- 'Fernando Poe Jr.' (qv) said this movie is his tribute to 'Efren 'Bata' Reyes' (qv) for putting the Philippines in the sports world map because of Reyes' supremacy in billiards.

- 'Fernando Poe Jr.' (qv) planned the movie for two years. He initially intended to release it on November of 2002. But 'Efren 'Bata' Reyes' (qv) competition outside the Philippines blocked the early production of the movie. It started showing on March of 2003.

- The 40th anniversary offering of FPJ Productions [ph]. Full Trivia >>