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7.1/10 (336 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 29 January 2003
(Philippines) - 19 February 2003
(Czech Republic) - 11 July 2003
(Canada) - 31 August 2003
(Japan) - 13 September 2003

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Running Time
Philippines:122 USA:120


anger, apology, baby, balloon, ballroom-dancing, bandage, birthday, blowing-bubbles, boy, boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship, broken-dish, brother-brother-relationship, brother-sister-relationship, bully, burial, bus, bus-driver, cake, cancer, candy, canoe, card-playing, carnival, carpentry, cemetery


Pictures of Magnifico

Magnifico Pictures

Cast of Magnifico

  1. Arnold (IX) as [Friend] <25>
  2. Barrios, Danilo as [Miong] <10>
  3. De Guzman II, Dan as [Teacher] <22>
  4. De La Paz, Dido as [Foreman] <17>
  5. Gil, Mark as [Domeng] <5>
  6. Gomez, Boy as [Friend] <24>
  7. Granado, David as [Tessie's Husband] <19>
  8. Guiwa, Romy as [Friend] <23>
  9. Gutierrez, Tonton as [Ka Romy] <6>
  10. Manio, Jiro as [Magnifico] <7>
  11. Martinez, Albert (II) as [Gerry] <2>
  12. Roble, Joseph as [Carlo] <14>
  13. Romano, Jon as (as John Romano) [Ria's Father] <16>
  14. VII, Allyson as (as Allyson VII Gonzales) [Makoy] <18>
  15. Vinzon, Jojo as [Gay Friend] <21>
  16. Africa, Susan as [Pracing] <11>
  17. Austria, Amy as [Tessie] <8>
  18. Cheenee as [Friend] <26>
  19. De Leon, Isabella as [Helen] <12>
  20. De Ramos, Rosel as [Pawnshop Teller] <29>
  21. Graza, Brilla as [Friend] <28>
  22. Hunter, Wendy (II) as [Friend] <27>
  23. Llarena, Dindin as [Ria] <13>
  24. Picache, Cherry Pie as [Cristy] <9>
  25. Rodriguez, Celia as [Ka Doring] <4>
  26. Romero, Gloria (I) as [Lola Magda] <3>
  27. Scarlet (X) as [Teacher] <20>
  28. Sevilla, Girlie as [Isang] <15>
  29. Tolentino, Lorna as [Edna] <1>

  30. All Cast

Genres in Magnifico

  1. Drama

Certificate of Magnifico

G (Philippines)

Composers of music of Magnifico

  1. Labad, Lutgardo

Cinematographers of Magnifico

  1. Flores, Odyssey (director of photography) (as Odyssey 'Odie' Flores)

Costume Designers of Magnifico

  1. Santos, Gerry (I)

Distributors of Magnifico

GMA Films [ph]
Unico Entertainment [us] - (2004) (USA) (theatrical) (subtitled)
Vagrant Films [ca] - (2003) (Canada)

Editors of Magnifico

  1. Dayrit, Manet A.

Misc of Magnifico

  1. Amoyo, Tony (utility man)
  2. Bandong, Beng (traffic coordinator) (as Rosabelle Bandong)
  3. Bangui, Aliyah (production assistant)
  4. Beltran, Marivic P. (service coordinator: LVN Pictures)
  5. Buencamino, Elmer (film specialist)
  6. Chico, Frank (technical operations engineer)
  7. Cuanico, Dante (helper)
  8. Cuanico, Edwin (assistant hmi operator)
  9. De Guzman II, Dan (script continuity)
  10. De Leon, Carlos (III) (technical operations manager: LVN Pictures)
  11. Del Rosario, Regine (sales manager)
  12. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical operations engineer)
  13. Eraña, Nenita L. (general manager: LVN Pictures) (as Nenita Eraña)
  14. Guiwa, Leah (production assistant)
  15. Jardinazo, Willy (printing supervisor: LVN Pictures)
  16. Jarlego, Aquilino (officer in charge: LVN Pictures)
  17. Jarlego, Arturo (optical printer: LVN Pictures)
  18. Jarque, Danilo (utility man)
  19. Lopez, Sheryll (traffic coordinator)
  20. Macabante, Andy (optical printer: LVN Pictures)
  21. Malapitan, Rachelle (service coordinator: LVN Pictures)
  22. Manlunas, Raul (hmi operator)
  23. Menor, Ellen (production assistant)
  24. Moralita, Daye (technical operations engineer)
  25. Pinlac, Reggie (service coordinator: LVN Pictures)
  26. Salazar, Jun (technical operations engineer)
  27. Solis, Lolit (publicity and promotions)
  28. Toralba, George (assistant technical operations manager: LVN Pictures)
  29. Umali, Nar (technical operations engineer)
  30. Valeza, Rosalyn (service coordinator: LVN Pictures)
  31. Victorio, Bea (post project manager)
  32. Vinzon, Jojo (caterer)

Other Titles of Magnifico

  1. Magnifico Madyikero (2003) (ENG)
    (Philippines: Tagalog title) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Magnifico

  1. Kalayaan, Laguna, Philippines
  2. Luisiana, Laguna, Philippines
  3. Lumban, Laguna, Philippines
  4. Paete, Laguna, Philippines
  5. Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines
  6. San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
  7. Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

Trivia of Magnifico

- This movie is based on the grand prize winning piece in the 2001 screenplay writing contest sponsored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). Full Trivia >>