Kilabot at Kembot (2002)

Kilabot at Kembot (2002) Movie

Kilabot at Kembot

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6.1/10 (8 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 29 May 2002

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criminal-syndicate, dancer, dancing, government-agent, gun, kidnapper, kidnapping, kidnapping-syndicate, killed-in-action, motorcycle, nbi, nbi-agent, nbi-chief, revenge, secret-agent, sex, sexy-pinay, strip-club, stripper, tattoo, tattoo-artist, undercover-agent


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Cast of Kilabot at Kembot

  1. Arroyo, Dindo as [Marcus] <12>
  2. Fabregas, Jaime as [NBI Chief] <6>
  3. Gutierrez, R.G. as [Tommy] <15>
  4. Ignacio, Levi as
  5. Israel, Dick as [Hector] <5>
  6. Legaspi, Brando as [Catacutan] <9>
  7. Mande, Edgar as [Efren] <8>
  8. Mejia, Long as [Et-Et] <4>
  9. Moro, Fred as
  10. Ocampo, Levi as [Eddie] <14>
  11. Olivar, Ronnie as
  12. Olivar, Tom as [Bacani] <10>
  13. Revilla Jr., Ramon 'Bong' as [Leon] <1>
  14. Revilla, Bryan as [Binggo] <7>
  15. Reyes, Edwin (II) as [Armin] <13>
  16. Vinzon, Roi as [Guevarra] <3>
  17. de Rossi, Assunta as [Sienna] <2>
  18. Gonzales, Tiffany as
  19. Sarmiento, Pam as
  20. Tagle, Josie as

  21. All Cast

Genres in Kilabot at Kembot

  1. Action

Plot of Kilabot at Kembot

Leon (Revilla), known as Kilabot, is an NBI agent who also works as a tattoo artist by day. He retires from his dangerous job after his best pal Kamandag was killed by a mysterious kidnapping Full Plot >>

Certificate of Kilabot at Kembot

PG-13 (Philippines)

Composers of music of Kilabot at Kembot

  1. Fabregas, Jaime

Cinematographers of Kilabot at Kembot

  1. Tutanes, George

Distributors of Kilabot at Kembot

GMA Films [ph]
GMA Records Home Video [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (DVD)
Imus Productions [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (theatrical)
Media Asia Distribution [hk] - (2002) (worldwide) (all media)
Viva Video [ph] - (2002) (Philippines) (video)

Editors of Kilabot at Kembot

  1. Salvador, Augusto