Kahit pader gigibain ko! (1998)

Kahit pader gigibain ko! (1998) Movie

Kahit pader gigibain ko!

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 4 March 1998

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exclamation-point-in-title, fake-nun, hand-grenade, human-prey, hunter, kidnapping, kiss, murder-witness, nun, police-captain, police-chief, police-general, police-headquarters, politician, presidential-candidate, prostitute, punctuation-in-title, rescue, senator, sex, title-spoken-by-character


Pictures of Kahit pader gigibain ko!

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Cast of Kahit pader gigibain ko!

  1. Arellano, Ric as [Ka Sendong] <13>
  2. Arroyo, Dindo as [Dindo] <7>
  3. Balla, Nestor as [NPA - Baguio] <40>
  4. Baylon, Ace as [Sen. de Joya's Security] <28>
  5. Bejar, Rey as [Sen. Madrigal's Security] <22>
  6. Bonnin, Richard as [Michael Madrigal] <5>
  7. Castro, Jetro as [Michael's Friend] <20>
  8. Confiado, Mon as [Michael's Friend] <17>
  9. Criste, Henry as [Sen. Madrigal's Security] <23>
  10. Daluz, Cris as [Himself] <14>
  11. Dauz, Danny as [NPA - Baguio] <38>
  12. De Leon, Jojo as [NPA - Baguio] <36>
  13. Ebdane, Rey as (as Rey Ebdani) [Baguio Police] <42>
  14. Fernandez, Ramon (IV) as [Baguio Police] <44>
  15. Francisco, Eric as [Michael's Friend] <18>
  16. Griar, Anthony as [NPA - Baguio] <41>
  17. Gutierrez, Eddie (I) as [Sen. Madrigal] <3>
  18. Ignacio, Vanni as [Sen. de Joya's Security] <26>
  19. Liwanag, Nick as [Sen. de Joya's Security] <30>
  20. Madera, Lito as [Baguio Police] <46>
  21. Magera, Teddy as [Sen. Madrigal's Security] <24>
  22. Padilla, Joey (I) as [NPA Leader] <8>
  23. Prado, Ely as [Sen. de Joya's Security] <29>
  24. Quidlat, Fred as [Baguio Police] <45>
  25. Razon, Denver as [Michael's Friend] <19>
  26. Rellora, Rommel as [NPA - Baguio] <39>
  27. Rival, Ross as (as Chi-Chi Salvador) [Sen. de Joya's Security] <25>
  28. Sacdalan, Mar as [Sen. Madrigal's Security] <21>
  29. Salvador, Ding as [Sen. de Joya's Security] <27>
  30. Salvador, Phillip as [Capt. Roman] <1>

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Genres in Kahit pader gigibain ko!

  1. Action

Certificate of Kahit pader gigibain ko!

PG-13 (Philippines)

Distributors of Kahit pader gigibain ko!

Regal Films [ph] - (Philippines)

Misc of Kahit pader gigibain ko!

  1. Bustos, Chie (production secretary)
  2. Conde, Carol (I) (stand-in: Rosanna Roces)
  3. Despa, Kathy (continuity)
  4. Dugan, Ben (schedule master)
  5. Flojo, Bob (utility: post-production)
  6. Lara, Rodel (utility man)
  7. Macauba, Annabelle (field cashier)
  8. Quintana, Tan-Tan (helper)
  9. Regalado, Mike (I) (utility man)
  10. Sambuang, Nonoy (utility man)
  11. Torrente, Jon-Jon (head armorer)
  12. Vargas, Bong (stand-in: Phillip Salvador)
  13. Zuniga, Nonoy (military liaison officer)