Jail Yatra (1981)

Jail Yatra (1981) Movie

Jail Yatra

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7.6/10 (25 Votes)

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Release Date
(India) - 7 September 1981

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attempted-murder, beach, garage, horse-carriage, love, murder, prison, rain, will


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Cast of Jail Yatra

  1. Amarjeet (I) as <31>
  2. Bhardwaj, Brahm as [Doctor] <19>
  3. Birbal as [Car owner who was getting married on Sunday] <21>
  4. Desai, Manher as (as Manhar Desai) <24>
  5. Dhumal as [Constable at the beach] <15>
  6. Gaurang, Ratan as (uncredited) [Mechanic (with glasses)]
  7. Hussain, Anwar (I) as [Police Inspector] <7>
  8. Jagdeep (I) as [Chinareddy Eveready (Guest Appearance)] <6>
  9. Jugnu (I) as <22>
  10. Kapoor, Rajan as <16>
  11. Khan, Amjad (I) as [Kuldeep] <4>
  12. Khanna, Vinod as [Raju Verma] <2>
  13. Kumar, Ashok (I) as [Ramnath Verma] <1>
  14. Kumar, Kirti as <25>
  15. Manmauji as (uncredited) [Irritated guy in the lineup for rations]
  16. Merchant, Mushtaq as <28>
  17. Raj, Rishi (I) as <23>
  18. Rana, Keshav as [Surgeon] <27>
  19. Sharma, Abhimanyu as <18>
  20. Sharma, Madhup as <26>
  21. Shetty, M.B. as (as Shetty) [Kuldeep's Henchman] <14>
  22. Shivraj (I) as [Ahuja Resident's Butler] <10>
  23. Singh, Gurbachchan as (as Gurbachan) [Hitman] <29>
  24. Ashoo as <8>
  25. Bakshi, Jyoti as <11>
  26. Banerjee, Beena as (as Beena) <17>
  27. Kausar, Heena as [Roopa] <9>
  28. Mirza, Katy as <20>
  29. Mumtaz, Anjana as (as Anjana) <13>
  30. Roy, Nirupa as [Radha Verma] <5>

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Genres in Jail Yatra

  1. Action
  2. Romance

Plot of Jail Yatra

Raju an expert auto-mechanic, affectionate and obedient to his poor mother Radha has got a peculiar trait of going to anyones rescue voluntarily or otherwise without considering the legal Full Plot >>

Certificate of Jail Yatra

U (India)

Composers of music of Jail Yatra

  1. Burman, Rahul Dev (as R.D. Burman)

Cinematographers of Jail Yatra

  1. Mistry, Jal (director of photography)

Distributors of Jail Yatra

Eros Entertainment [us] - (1998) (USA) (DVD)

Editors of Jail Yatra

  1. Shinde, M.S.

Misc of Jail Yatra

  1. Atwal, S. Gautam (office manager) (as Late Gautam S. Atwal)
  2. Bashir, Aruna (assistant choreographer) (as Aruna)
  3. Fernandez, Hendry (production assistant) (as Hendri)
  4. Ghosh, Ajit (I) (public relations officer)
  5. Hudekar, Vasudeo (publicity designer) (as Vasudev)
  6. Jalil (I) (production assistant)
  7. Kailash (I) (production assistant)
  8. Mohan, C. (publicity designer)
  9. Naidu, Manohar (choreographer) (as Naidu)
  10. Raj, P.L. (choreographer)
  11. Ramesh (I) (production assistant)
  12. Shanta (II) (assistant choreographer)
  13. Sharma, C.D. (accountant)
  14. Sikandar (I) (production assistant) (as Sikander)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Jail Yatra

  1. Burmah Shell Club, India
  2. Chandivali Studio, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)
  3. Essel Studios, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)
  4. R.K. Studios, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - (studio)