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International House

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Release Date
(USA) - 27 May 1933
(Portugal) - 28 March 1935
(USA) - 17 February 2013

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Running Time
68 (copyright length)

Grand Hotel of comedy

autogyro, aviator, cat, caucasian-actor-playing-asian-character, china, doctor, doctor-nurse-relationship, early-television, ensemble-cast, ex-husband-ex-wife-relationship, hotel, hotel-manager, hotel-room, invention, jealous-man, kitten, looking-through-a-keyhole, nurse, peeping-tom, pre-code, professor, quarantine, television, yellowface


Pictures of International House

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Cast of International House

  1. Ainsley, Norman as (uncredited) [Ticket Clerk]
  2. Beauchamp, Clem as (uncredited) [Newsreel Cameraman]
  3. Breese, Edmund as [Doctor Wong] <14>
  4. Burns, George (I) as [Doctor Burns] <5>
  5. Calloway, Cab as [Himself] <10>
  6. Chung, Wong (I) as (uncredited) [Health Inspector]
  7. Erwin, Stuart as [Tommy Nash] <4>
  8. Fields, W.C. as [Professor Quail] <2>
  9. Greene, Harrison as [Herr Von Baden] <18>
  10. Hare, Lumsden as [Sir Mortimer Fortescue] <15>
  11. Holloway, Sterling as [Sailor] <16>
  12. Hulick, Budd as (as Budd) [Budd] <9>
  13. Laidlaw, Ethan as (uncredited) [General's Henchman]
  14. Lugosi, Bela as [General Petronovich] <11>
  15. Morgan, Al (V) as (uncredited) [Bass Player in Cab Calloway's Band]
  16. O'Connor, Frank (I) as (uncredited) [Telegram Clerk]
  17. Pangborn, Franklin as [Hotel Manager] <13>
  18. Ring, Cyril as (uncredited) [Mr. Brown - Assistant Hotel Manager]
  19. Sedley, Henry as (uncredited) [Serge Borsky]
  20. Stanley, Edwin as (uncredited) [Mr. Rollins - Electric Company Boss]
  21. Taylor, F. Chase as (as Colonel Stoopnagle) [Colonel Stoopnagle] <8>
  22. Vallee, Rudy as [Himself] <3>
  23. Vincenot, Louis as (uncredited) [Mr. Brown - Hotel Clerk]
  24. Wong, James (II) as (uncredited) [Inspector Sun]
  25. Wood, Ernest as (uncredited) [Newsreel Reporter]
  26. Allen, Gracie as [Nurse Allen] <6>
  27. Andre, Lona as [Chorus Queen] <17>
  28. Ching, Bo as (uncredited) [Hotel Bell-hop]
  29. Daumery, Carrie as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  30. Joyce, Peggy Hopkins as [Peggy Hopkins Joyce] <1>

  31. All Cast

Genres in International House

  1. Comedy

Plot of International House

Professor Wong has invented a television machine and invites everyone to see it at China's International House Hotel. Every time Tommy Nash attempts to wed his fiancée Carol Fortescue he comes down Full Plot >>

Business of International House

CP: Paramount Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copyright LP3918, 3 June 1933 SD: 20 February 1933 - ?

Certificate of International House

Passed (USA)(National Board of Review)
TV-G (USA)(TV rating)

Composers of music of International House

  1. Jackson, Howard (I) (uncredited)
  2. Leipold, John (I) (uncredited)
  3. Rainger, Ralph (uncredited)

Cinematographers of International House

  1. Haller, Ernest (photographed by)

Costume Designers of International House

  1. Banton, Travis (uncredited)

Distributors of International House

MCA/Universal Home Video [us] - (USA) (VHS)
MCA/Universal Home Video [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
MCA/Universal Pictures [us] - (1958) (USA) (TV)
Paramount Pictures [us] - (1933) (USA) (theatrical) (as Paramount Productions, Inc,)

Quotes of International House

Nurse Allen: [on phone] No, the doctor isn't in just now. Oh, he won't be back for a long, long time. He went out on one of those eternity cases.

Peggy: Won't you join me in a glass of wine?
Professor Quail: You get in first, and if there's room enough I'll join you.

[Peggy finds a litter of assorted kittens on her seat]
Peggy: I wonder what their parents were.
Professor Quail: Careless, my little dove cake, careless.

Tommy Nash: Are you going to marry a millionaire ?
Peggy: I never marry anything else.

Professor Quail: Hey! Where am I?
Woman: Wu-Hu.
Professor Quail: Woo-Hoo to you sweetheart. Hey Charlie, where am I?
Hotel Manager: WU-HU!
[Professor Quail removes the flower from his lapel]
Professor Quail: Don't let the posey fool you!

Hotel Manager: I'm the manager of this hotel.
Professor Quail: I wouldn't brag about it if I were you.

[Professor Quail enters during Rudy Vallee's song]
Professor Quail: How long's this dogfight been going on?

Peggy: I'm sitting on something!
Professor Quail: I lost mine in the stock market.

Professor Quail: [looking through key hole] What won't they think up next? Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of International House

  1. Hotel International (1933) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations of International House

  1. Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Trivia of International House

- The characters viewed on Dr. Wong's radioscope were popular radio stars of the time.

- During the filming of one of 'W.C. Fields' (qv)' scenes, a mild earthquake struck Los Angeles. The earthquake was supposedly captured on film. In the film clip, Fields and his co-stars are speaking their lines on the hotel lobby set, when the picture begins to shake as if the camera is vibrating. A chandelier on the set begins to swing back and forth, and a lamp suddenly falls over. Fields calmly ushers his co-stars off the sound stage, telling them to stay calm and walk slowly. The "earthquake footage" of Fields was played in newsreels across the country in the weeks following the 1933 quake. Nearly forty years later, however, director 'A. Edward Sutherland' (qv) admitted that the "earthquake footage" was a hoax concocted by Fields and himself. It was done by rigging wires on the lamp and chandelier, and shaking the camera to simulate an earthquake. Sutherland claimed that he and Fields were amazed when the "earthquake footage" was accepted as genuine by newsreel distributors. "We shared a big laugh and an even bigger drink," the director recalled. To this day, the fake "earthquake footage" Full Trivia >>