Insatiable II (1984)

Insatiable II (1984) Movie

Insatiable II

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5.8/10 (101 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 8 March 1984
(Portugal) - 31 October 1988

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Cast of Insatiable II

  1. Dee, Bobby (I) as [Gary] <9>
  2. Gillis, Jamie as [Steven] <6>
  3. Morris, David (V) as
  4. Roberts, Craig (I) as (as Craig A. Roberts) [Fantasy Man] <8>
  5. Thomas, Paul (I) as (as Phil Toubus) [Craig Williams] <5>
  6. Anderson, Juliet as [Morgan Templeton] <2>
  7. Chambers, Marilyn (I) as [Sandra Chase] <1>
  8. LaVeaux, Valerie as [Sheila] <3>
  9. McCullough, Shanna as (as Shanna McCulloch) [Denise] <4>
  10. Robbins, Janey as [Fantasy Girl] <7>

  11. All Cast

Genres in Insatiable II

  1. Adult
  2. Drama

Plot of Insatiable II

Heiress, model, actress Sandra Chase is back and this time she allows an ambitious journalist, named Morgan Templeton an "in-dept" interview to reveal her most personal secrets and sexual desires and Full Plot >>

Certificate of Insatiable II

X (Australia)
M/18 (Portugal)

Cinematographers of Insatiable II

  1. Remy, Jack (director of photography)

Distributors of Insatiable II

Caballero Control Corporation Home Video (CCC) [us] - (1984) (USA) (VHS)
Essex Distributing [us] - (1984) (USA) (theatrical)
Image Entertainment [us] - (1984) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Miracle Films [us] - (1984) (worldwide) (theatrical)

Editors of Insatiable II

  1. Cutter, B.J. (as BJ Cutter)

Misc of Insatiable II

  1. Bedeco, Beverly (location auditor)
  2. Carroll, Chloe (I) (script supervisor)
  3. Elliot, Joe (II) (production assistant)
  4. Webster, Iris (II) (production assistant)

Other Titles of Insatiable II

  1. Hell on Heels (1984) (ENG)
    (Europe: English title)

Trivia of Insatiable II

- Actor Trademark: As in many movies starring 'Marilyn Chambers (I)' (qv), there is a cameo by an Ivory Snow detergent box from Marilyn's brief career as the "Ivory Snow Girl". It can be seen in Morgan's kitchen. Full Trivia >>