Hulchul (1995)

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4.8/10 (173 Votes)

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Release Date
(India) - 4 August 1995

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capital-punishment, court, escape, family-relationships, gang, law, murder, orphan, police, prison, revenge, sequel, violence


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Cast of Hulchul

  1. Chatwal, Suresh as [Deva's Father] <11>
  2. Devgn, Ajay as [Deva] <2>
  3. Hingoo, Dinesh as (uncredited) [Hotel Owner (Madhuri Dixit's Fan)]
  4. Joshi, Mohan (I) as [Shobraj's Friend] <9>
  5. Khan, Arif (II) as (uncredited) [Niranjan Shobraj]
  6. Khan, Imtiaz (I) as (uncredited) [Police Commisioner]
  7. Khan, Kader (I) as [Chachaji] <6>
  8. Khanna, Vinod as [ACP Siddhant] <1>
  9. Kiran, Shashi (I) as (uncredited) [Rocky's Brother]
  10. Nath, Alok as (uncredited) [Om Gautam (Chief Minister)]
  11. Packard, Gavin as (uncredited) [Hitman]
  12. Patel, Amrit as (uncredited) [Dr. Gotiwala]
  13. Puri, Amrish as [Shobraj] <7>
  14. Ranjeet as [Shobraj's Friend] <8>
  15. Roy, Ronit (I) as [Karan] <4>
  16. Talsania, Tiku as (uncredited) [Rajiv Duggal]
  17. Verma, Deven as [Vinod bhai] <10>
  18. Yadav, Babbanlal as (uncredited) [Jeweller]
  19. Kajol as [Sharmili] <3>
  20. Mehta, Sujata as [Deva's Mother] <12>
  21. Parihar, Navni as [Pushpa] <5>

  22. All Cast

Plot of Hulchul

A troubled ACP adopts a young poor child named Deva whose mother and father died. When he grows up, he helps his adopted father as a police officer and ACP to solve various crimes around town to save Full Plot >>

Certificate of Hulchul

U (India)
A (India)

Composers of music of Hulchul

  1. Haldipur, Amar
  2. Malik, Anu

Cinematographers of Hulchul

  1. Pappu, S.

Distributors of Hulchul

B4U Entertainment [in] - (2006) (Canada) (TV)
Hind Film Exchange [in] - (1951) (India) (theatrical)
Spark Worldwide [gb] - (200?) (UK) (DVD)

Editors of Hulchul

  1. Kotalgi, Dilip (as Dilip-Zafar)
  2. Sultan, Zafar (as Dilip-Zafar)

Misc of Hulchul

  1. Khan, Raju (choreographer)
  2. Khan, Saroj (I) (choreographer)
  3. Tara, N.A. (choreographer: Madras) (as Tara)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Hulchul

  1. India

Trivia of Hulchul

- Upon the initial meeting of 'Ajay Devgn' (qv) and 'Kajol' (qv), 'Kajol' (qv) was angry at the Producer for bringing an actor like Ajay and not an actor like "'Shah Rukh Khan' (qv)". Ironically 'Ajay Devgn' (qv) and 'Kajol' (qv) would date for five years and eventually get married. Full Trivia >>