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MPAA Ratings
Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, violence, drug and alcohol use - all involving teens

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Release Date
(Germany) - 26 June 2005
(USA) - 8 October 2005
(Armenia) - 16 October 2005
(Belarus) - 16 October 2005
(Kazakhstan) - 16 October 2005

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Running Time
85 93 (unrated version)

Some lines aren't meant to be crossed... Too much is never enough

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Pictures of Havoc

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Cast of Havoc

  1. Biehn, Michael as [Stuart Lang] <4>
  2. Bottoms, Sam (I) as [Lt. Maris] <22>
  3. Couture, Paul as (uncredited) [Cocaine Boy]
  4. Cruz, Raymond (I) as [Chino] <10>
  5. Erik, Jon (II) as [Los Angeles Cop] <26>
  6. Gordon-Levitt, Joseph as [Sam] <5>
  7. Gracia, Tony as (uncredited) [Gang Member from Hector's Gang]
  8. Hennings, Sam as [Mr. Rubin] <15>
  9. Morrissey, John (I) as (uncredited) [Richard]
  10. O'Leary, Matt as [Eric] <6>
  11. Pagano, Richard as (as Rick Pagano) [Teacher] <29>
  12. Pardo, JD as [Todd Rosenberg] <20>
  13. Peck, Josh (I) as [Josh Rubin] <17>
  14. Reichling, Ken as (uncredited) [Police Officer]
  15. Robledo, Luis (I) as [Ace] <14>
  16. Rodríguez, Freddy (I) as [Hector] <7>
  17. Shapiro, Robert (III) as [Himself] <19>
  18. Tatum, Channing as [Nick] <12>
  19. Thomas, John (VII) as [Male Cop] <25>
  20. Vasquez, Jose L. as (as Johnny Vasquez) [Manuel] <13>
  21. Vogel, Mike (I) as [Toby] <9>
  22. Appleby, Shiri as [Amanda] <3>
  23. Breckenridge, Laura as [Runaway] <27>
  24. Dziena, Alexis as [Sasha] <11>
  25. Hanauer, Terri as [Lt. Kovaleski] <21>
  26. Hathaway, Anne as [Allison Lang] <1>
  27. Jinaro, Jossara as (as Jossara Jinero) [Hector's Girl] <33>
  28. McAnear, Rana as (uncredited) [PLC Crew]
  29. McWhirter, Jillian as [Female Cop #2] <24>
  30. Meryl, Angela as (uncredited) [Dinah]

  31. All Cast

Genres in Havoc

  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Plot of Havoc

A pair of naive young girls learn that even the most insignificant actions can have lasting consequences. Influenced by the hip-hop thug lifestyle and seeking to explore life outside of their Full Plot >>

Business of Havoc

BT: USD 9,000,000 CP: Film & Entertainment VIP Medienfonds 2 GmbH & Co. KG and MDP Filmproduktion GmbH GR: GBP 2,299 (UK) (29 October 2006) GR: MXN 2,846,207 (Mexico) (26 October 2006) GR: MXN 2,825,439 (Mexico) (19 October 2006) GR: MXN 2,771,455 (Mexico) (12 October 2006) GR: MXN 2,603,128 (Mexico) (5 October 2006) GR: MXN 2,532,057 (Mexico) (28 September 2006) GR: MXN 2,419,909 (Mexico) (21 September 2006) GR: MXN 2,243,055 (Mexico) (14 September 2006) GR: MXN 1,994,255 (Mexico) (7 September 2006) GR: MXN 1,902,851 (Mexico) (31 August 2006) GR: MXN 1,530,336 (Mexico) (24 August 2006) GR: MXN 1,427,990 (Mexico) (17 August 2006) GR: MXN 1,189,702 (Mexico) (10 August 2006) GR: RUR 4,577,753 (Russia) (23 October 2005) GR: USD 159,821 (Russia) GR: AED 62,191 (United Arab Emirates) (7 May 2006) GR: USD 16,931 (United Arab Emirates) OW: GBP 2,299 (UK) (29 October 2006) (10 screens) OW: MXN 1,189,702 (Mexico) (10 August 2006) (59 screens) OW: AED 62,191 (United Arab Emirates) (7 May 2006) (17 screens) SD: 30 September 2003 - 7 November 2003 WG: GBP 2,299 (UK) (29 October 2006) (10 screens) WG: MXN 20,768 (Mexico) (26 October 2006) (6 screens) WG: MXN 53,984 (Mexico) (19 October 2006) (14 screens) WG: MXN 168,327 (Mexico) (12 October 2006) (25 screens) WG: MXN 71,071 (Mexico) (5 October 2006) (16 screens) WG: MXN 112,148 (Mexico) (28 September 2006) (31 screens) WG: MXN 176,854 (Mexico) (21 September 2006) (23 screens) WG: MXN 248,800 (Mexico) (14 September 2006) (34 screens) WG: MXN 91,404 (Mexico) (7 September 2006) (16 screens) WG: MXN 372,515 (Mexico) (31 August 2006) (43 screens) WG: MXN 102,346 (Mexico) (24 August 2006) (23 screens) WG: MXN 238,288 (Mexico) (17 August 2006) (42 screens) WG: MXN 1,189,702 (Mexico) (10 August 2006) (59 screens) WG: RUR 1,543,944 (Russia) (23 October 2005) WG: AED 62,191 (United Arab Emirates) (7 May 2006) (17 screens)

Certificate of Havoc

R21 (Singapore)
16 (Iceland)
K-15 (Finland)
Unrated (USA)(unrated DVD version)
(Banned) (Malaysia)
16 (Germany)
M18 (Singapore)(edited version)
R (USA)(certificate #41248)
MA (Australia)
M/16 (Portugal)
13 (Argentina)
VM18 (Italy)
18 (Peru)
18 (UK)
VM14 (Italy)(re-rating) (2008)
16 (Netherlands)(DVD rating)
-16 (France)
12 (Netherlands)

Composers of music of Havoc

  1. Martinez, Cliff

Cinematographers of Havoc

  1. Morgenthau, Kramer (director of photography)

Costume Designers of Havoc

  1. O'Donnell, Sara

Distributors of Havoc

Eurofilms [pe] - (2007) (Peru) (theatrical)
Gulf Film [ae] - (2006) (United Arab Emirates) (theatrical)
Imagem Filmes [br] - (2006) (Brazil) (VHS) (DVD)
KNM Home Entertainment [de] - (2012) (Germany) (DVD)
Net5 [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (TV)
New Line Home Video [us] - (2005) (USA) (DVD)
Paradiso Home Entertainment [nl] - (2006) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Paradiso Home Entertainment [nl] - (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Rough Trade Distribution [de] - (2006) (Germany) (DVD)
Scanbox Entertainment [fi] - (2006) (Finland) (DVD)
Shaw Organisation [sg] - (2006) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Videocine S.A. de C.V. [mx] - (2006) (Mexico) (theatrical)
Works, The [gb] - (2006) (UK) (theatrical)
e-m-s the DVD-Company [de] - (200?) (Germany) (DVD)

Editors of Havoc

  1. Baker, Nancy (I)
  2. Greenberg, Gerald B. (as Jerry Greenberg)

Misc of Havoc

  1. Alper, Tom (I) (insurance: Acordia of California Insurance Services)
  2. Arias, Aleyda (catering assistant) (as Alyeda Arias)
  3. Arwine, Jeffrey (set medic)
  4. Badalian, Jasmine (stand-in)
  5. Ballesteros, Joe (security coordinator)
  6. Barrientos, Alfonso (assistant chef)
  7. Belan, Adrianna (stand-in)
  8. Bernstein, Greg (I) (legal services) (as Greg S. Bernstein)
  9. Bertsch, Jeanne (craft service)
  10. Beyer, Carl (assistant location manager)
  11. Black, Michael F. (assistant production coordinator) (as Michael Black)
  12. Bonanomi, Mike (production assistant)
  13. Bonilla, Enrique (catering assistant)
  14. Campeau, Greg (assistant location manager)
  15. Chan, Lawrence (IV) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  16. Chang, Katherine S. (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  17. Chapin, Lily (assistant: Ms. Kopple)
  18. Citron, Jan (studio teacher)
  19. Coppola, Jessica (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  20. Craft, Robert Earl (location manager) (as Bob Craft)
  21. Cutler, Devin (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  22. Dannenberg, Randy (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  23. Delaney, Audrey (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  24. DiCenso, William (production assistant)
  25. Duarte, Jeph (production assistant) (uncredited)
  26. Dyroff, Kerstin (coordinator: VIP)
  27. Etough, Andrea (insurance: Acordia of California Insurance Services) (as Andrea Eatough)
  28. Evans, Robert (XIII) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  29. Flynn, Shawn (key set production assistant)
  30. Frankenheimer, Kristi (location manager)
  31. Freyermuth, Ortwin (legal services)
  32. Gaynes, David (II) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  33. Goldberg, D.J. (representative: Media 8 Entertainment) (as DJ Goldberg)
  34. Gordon, Spencer (IV) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  35. Gorsuch, Allison (production assistant)
  36. Grant, Carol (I) (extras coordinator)
  37. Gross, Raymond (legal services) (as Raymond F. Gross)
  38. Hall, Philip (II) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  39. Harlan, Andy (physical trainer: Mr. Rodriguez)
  40. Heithaus, Michael (stand-in) (uncredited)
  41. Hinkle, Wendall (assistant location manager)
  42. Holland, Joy (I) (production assistant)
  43. Houbrick, Matthew (assistant accountant) (as Matt Houbrick)
  44. Hutkin, David (vice president: production financing, ICB Entertainment/Imperial Capital Bank)
  45. Joffe, Tatyana (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  46. Jordan, Jessica L. (assistant: Mark Damon) (uncredited)
  47. Karen, Dawn (production coordinator) (uncredited)
  48. Koloff, Kevin (legal services)
  49. Kopelevich, Roman (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  50. Kurland, Pierre (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  51. Leclere, Tiffany (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  52. Li, Jimmy (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  53. Lundy, Teresa (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
  54. Mauldin, Christopher (photo double) (uncredited)
  55. McCoy, Laura (II) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
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  59. O'Shea, Brian (II) (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)
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  74. Shanklin, Lina (script supervisor) (uncredited)
  75. Shevory, Meredith (assistant: Ms. Hathaway)
  76. Simon, Lou (I) (fight choreographer) (uncredited)
  77. Stafford, Jeremiah (development assistant) (uncredited)
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  94. Wu, Justine (I) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  95. Zofcin, Christa (business affairs executive: Medis 8 Entertainment)
  96. Zofcin, Christa (representative: Media 8 Entertainment)

Quotes of Havoc

Hector: [to Allison] I know everything about you. Yeah, I can see right through you. Everything to you is a fucking game. You ain't real. There's nothing real about you. Your talk ain't real, Your walk ain't real, the way you dress ain't real. You don't even copy it from the real thing, you fucking get it from the TV.

Stuart Lang: You were arrested! With crack dealers! [walks to the other end of the counter next to Joanna]
Joanna Lang: [after a long pause] Maybe this hasn't been the easiest place to live, lately.
Stuart Lang: [walks back over across from Allison] Alright, so we talk about it. That's what we're supposed to do. One of us has a problem, we all talk it over.
Allison: [rolling her eyes in disbelief] Oh, right! Who are you kidding? Who can ever talk to you when you're never even here?
Stuart Lang: [raising his voice] Well, I'm gonna' make it easier for you to find me - you're grounded!
Joanna Lang: [to Stuart] Hasn't she already suffered enough...
Allison: Yes, besides, what good would it do... [notices that her Mom has gotten a pot and two cans of soup] Wha...? I don't want any soup, Mom!
Stuart Lang: [leaning towards her over the counter] What were you doing Full Quotes >>

Other Titles of Havoc

  1. Havoc - Fuori controllo (2007) (ENG)

  2. The Powers That Be (1993) (ENG)
    (USA) (original script title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Havoc

  1. Altadena, California, USA
  2. Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. East Los Angeles, California, USA
  4. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  5. Los Angeles, California, USA
  6. Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA
  7. Palisades High School - 15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA
  8. Santa Monica, California, USA - (Santa Monica Pier parking lot)

Trivia of Havoc

- 'Mandy Moore (II)' (qv) and then 'Kate Bosworth' (qv) were originally cast as Allison.

- The original writer, 'Jessica Kaplan (I)' (qv), died at age 24 in a small plane crash over Los Angeles' Fairfax district (6 June 2003), just before filming started. The plane was piloted by her uncle. The film is dedicated to her.

- New Line Cinema had this screenplay sitting on their shelf for seven years.

- Originally titled "The Powers That Be" when written in 1995, and retitled "Havoc" in early 2003.

- The song that Allison sings at the high school party is "How Do You Want It?" by 'Tupac Shakur' (qv)

- SPOILER: The original ending for the film was at Toby's funeral. He was the only one that was killed during the ending shootout. The scene was scripted but was never shot.

- The song the two girls are singing while trying drugs is "Can I Get A..." by 'Jay-Z' (qv). They are singing the part where 'Amil (I)' (qv) sings.

- When Allison is at the police station after the bust on the street, the girl talking to her in cell says, "...then the cop started asking me these really dumb questions, like what's closer to you now, the moon or Europe?" That question was asked to the Full Trivia >>