Grand Slam (1933)

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Grand Slam

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 February 1933
(USA) - 18 March 1933

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author, based-on-novel, bridge, contest, ghost-writer, new-york, satire, spoof


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Cast of Grand Slam

  1. Albright, Wally as (uncredited) [Boy Bridge Player]
  2. Bailey, William (I) as (uncredited) [Van Dorn's Bridge Partner]
  3. Barlow, Reginald (I) as (uncredited) [Theodore]
  4. Black, Maurice (I) as (uncredited) [Paul, Waiter (Peter's Investor)]
  5. Bradley, Harry C. as (uncredited) [Bridge Match Referee]
  6. Byron, Jack (I) as (uncredited) [Lola's Escort to Contest]
  7. Byron, Walter as (uncredited) [Barney, Lola's Husband]
  8. Cawthorn, Joseph as (uncredited) [Alex Alexandrovitch (Peter's Investor)]
  9. Conlin, Jimmy as (uncredited) [Oscar Smelt, Contest Kibitzer]
  10. Cooper, George (I) as (uncredited) [Josh, Angry Bridge Player]
  11. Corrado, Gino as (uncredited) [Barber]
  12. Darien, Frank as (uncredited) [Bridge Match Kibitzer]
  13. De Main, Gordon as (uncredited) [Kibitzer]
  14. Donlan, James as (uncredited) [Reporter with False News from Speed]
  15. Dorr, Lester as (uncredited) [Man Asked to Buy Cards]
  16. Dugan, Tom (I) as (uncredited) [Harry, Bridge Player]
  17. Eaton, Jay (I) as (uncredited) [Bridge Player]
  18. Ford, James (I) as (uncredited) [Liederkranz Club Extra]
  19. Gottschalk, Ferdinand as [Cedric Van Dorn] <7>
  20. Griffin, Carlton as (uncredited) [Customer]
  21. Hurst, Paul (I) as (uncredited) [Canadian Bridge Player]
  22. Hyams, John (I) as (uncredited) [Bridge Match Observer]
  23. Ince, John (I) as (uncredited) [Counterman]
  24. Ivins, Perry as (uncredited) [Referee]
  25. Jennings, DeWitt (I) as (uncredited) [Private Detective R.J. Flynn]
  26. Karns, Roscoe as [Contest Radio Announcer] <6>
  27. Kibbee, Milton as (uncredited) [Reporter]
  28. Lane, Charles (I) as (uncredited) [Ivan, Waiter (Peter's Investor)]
  29. Lukas, Paul (I) as [Peter Stanislavsky] <1>
  30. Mack, Stanley (I) as (uncredited) [Well-Wisher]

  31. All Cast

Genres in Grand Slam

  1. Comedy

Plot of Grand Slam

After waiter and would-be novelist Peter Stanislavsky marries Marcia, he learns to play bridge to satisfy his wife, despite feeling that it is a childish game. Her friends all play the game avidly, Full Plot >>

Business of Grand Slam

BT: USD 164,000 CP: First National Pictures, Inc., 24 February, 1933, LP3675

Composers of music of Grand Slam

  1. Kaun, Bernhard (uncredited)

Cinematographers of Grand Slam

  1. Hickox, Sidney (as Sid Hickox)

Costume Designers of Grand Slam

  1. Orry-Kelly (gowns)

Distributors of Grand Slam

First National Pictures [us]
Warner Bros. Pictures [us]

Editors of Grand Slam

  1. Killifer, Jack

Misc of Grand Slam

  1. Collins, Arthur Greville (dialogue director)

Other Titles of Grand Slam

  1. Il giocatore (1933) (ENG)

  2. Giocatore, Il (1933) (ITA)