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4.4/10 (7 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 22 November 2006

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call-center, diver, friendship, gay, homosexuality, love, one-word-title


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Cast of Gigil

  1. Cawalino Jr., Neil as [Young Don] <17>
  2. Chan, Ricci as [Jewel] <8>
  3. Cuenca, Jonap as [Call Center Supervisor] <18>
  4. Drilon, Gabb as [Sam] <7>
  5. Eusebio, Ketchup as [Nato] <6>
  6. Gomez, Teddy as [Korean] <16>
  7. Labrusca, Boom as (as Boom Antonio) [Don] <4>
  8. Lilijia as [Korean] <14>
  9. Poon, Chi Sum (I) as [Korean] <15>
  10. Raz, Abet as [Fortune Teller] <12>
  11. Tao, Zhanghai as [Korean] <13>
  12. Vargas, Alfred (I) as [Felix] <2>
  13. Aguilar, Minnie as [Mrs. Ligaya] <11>
  14. Alonzo, Say as [Dendy] <3>
  15. Crisologo, Mhalouh as (as Malou Crisologo) [Mother of Don] <10>
  16. Gonzales, Kookoo as [Mother of China] <9>
  17. Halili, Katrina as [China] <1>
  18. King, Bianca as [Kit] <5>
  19. Maria (XLVI) as [Store Clerk] <19>

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Genres in Gigil

  1. Comedy

Composers of music of Gigil

  1. de Jesus, Vincent

Cinematographers of Gigil

  1. Aves Jr., Rodolfo (director of photography) (as Jun Aves)

Distributors of Gigil

Regal Films [ph] - (2006) (Philippines) (theatrical)

Editors of Gigil

  1. Wong, John Anthony L. (as John Wong)

Misc of Gigil

  1. Aquino, Juan Paolo (continuity supervisor)
  2. Bautista, Ma. Concepcion (web designer: Regal Films)
  3. Cabasaan, Chunchi (traffic and project coordinator) (as Chunchie Cabasaan)
  4. Calma, Hanzel Vie (publicity and promotions)
  5. Cauilan, Archie (crew)
  6. Chavez, Jimmy (II) (booking staff: Regal Films)
  7. Cleofas, Rex (crew) (as Rex Cleopas)
  8. Cuevas, Arleen (marketing)
  9. Daza, Paul (head publicist)
  10. De Garriz, Bambi (marketing)
  11. De Leon, Caroline (production assistant)
  12. De Luna, Abner (crew)
  13. Decena, Ernesto (booking staff: Regal Films)
  14. Domingo, Gay Ace (head publicist)
  15. Espiritu, Jerwin D. (project coordinator) (as Jerwin Espiritu)
  16. Fernandez, Ace (utility)
  17. Galao, Anette (project coordinator)
  18. Gallardo, Ronnie (crew)
  19. Hipe, Jamie (publicity and promotions)
  20. Jubac, Nancy (booking staff: Regal Films)
  21. Lim, Ma. Esperanza (publicity and promotions)
  22. Marinay Jr., Reynaldo (utility)
  23. Merto, Ofelia (booking staff: Regal Films)
  24. Monteverde, Grace (executive manager) (as Grace A. Monteverde)
  25. Monteverde, Jynett (executive manager) (as Jynette N. Monteverde)
  26. Padayhag, Ryan (crew)
  27. Paglicawan, Willa (finance)
  28. Prochina, Naomi (marketing)
  29. Quinet, Fernando (crew) (as Fernando Quinit)
  30. Sarenas, Noel 'Chino' (publicity and promotions)
  31. Sipin, Siony (booking staff: Regal Films)
  32. Tago, Fernando (engineer)
  33. Tan, Anna Lynn (finance)
  34. Tan, Ligaya (booking staff: Regal Films)
  35. Tolentino, Melody (II) (marketing head) (as Ody Tolentino)
  36. Veras, Luz (production assistant)
  37. Zabal, Cris (II) (crew)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Gigil

  1. Boracay Islands, Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines
  2. Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines
  3. Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Trivia of Gigil

- "Gigil" is the original working title of the movie. It was changed to "Binibini" but because of title conflict with another movie, it was changed again to "My Girl". The title was again modified to "My Girls" before they decided to stick on the original title "Gigil." Full Trivia >>