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First Love

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5.8/10 (267 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 4 November 1977
(USA) - 18 January 1978
(Japan) - 22 July 1978
(Denmark) - 3 November 1978
(Finland) - 23 February 1979

All Release Dates

Running Time
Netherlands:92 USA:92

Do you remember... Why doesn't anyone tell you there's a difference between making love and being in love?

based-on-short-story, college, college-student, directorial-debut, first-love, love, love-triangle


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Cast of First Love

  1. Beck, Billy (I) as [Cafeteria Proprietor]
  2. Heard, John (I) as [David] <3>
  3. Katt, William as [Elgin Smith] <1>
  4. Lacy, Tom (I) as [Professor Oxton] <6>
  5. Loggia, Robert as [John March] <5>
  6. O'Hara, Pat (I) as [Guard] <9>
  7. Barrett, June as [Felicia] <8>
  8. D'Angelo, Beverly as [Shelley] <4>
  9. Dey, Susan (I) as [Caroline] <2>
  10. Hill, Jenny (I) as [Girl in Bar] <11>
  11. Kerr, Judy as [Secretary] <10>
  12. Kurtz, Swoosie as [Marsha] <7>
  13. Leith, Virginia as [Mrs. March]

  14. All Cast

Genres in First Love

  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Business of First Love

SD: February 1977 -

Certificate of First Love

14 (Iceland)
K-16 (Finland)

Composers of music of First Love

  1. Barry, John (I)

Cinematographers of First Love

  1. Byrne, Bobby (II)

Costume Designers of First Love

  1. Donfeld

Distributors of First Love

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [us] - (1981) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)
Paramount Pictures [us] - (1977) (USA) (theatrical)
Paramount Pictures [us] - (1979) (USA) (VHS)

Editors of First Love

  1. Morriss, Frank (I)

Misc of First Love

  1. Fitzgerald, Wayne (I) (titles)

Other Titles of First Love

  1. Junge Liebe (1977) (ENG)
    (West Germany) (TV title)

Shooting/Filming Locations of First Love

  1. Portland, Oregon, USA
  2. Reed College - 3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, USA

Trivia of First Love

- 'William Katt' (qv) was approached three times to play the lead role of Elgin Smith before he finally agreed to do it. Full Trivia >>