Educating Julie (1984)

Educating Julie (1984) Movie

Educating Julie

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5.7/10 (37 Votes)

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assignment, character-name-in-title, child-nudity, naturism, nudism, nudist, student, travel, video


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Cast of Educating Julie

  1. Banyard, Phil as [Tony] <3>
  2. Comish, Richard as [Student] <13>
  3. Naden, Ray as [Landlord] <9>
  4. Penney, Christopher (I) as [Student] <12>
  5. Schaeffer, Anthony (I) as [Tutor] <5>
  6. Taylor, Miles (I) as [Steve] <2>
  7. Warwick, Carl as [Julie's Father] <8>
  8. Willock, Gary as [Mike] <4>
  9. Green, Ann (II) as [Julie's Mother] <7>
  10. Pritchard, Sarah as [Student] <11>
  11. Thomson, Ann-Louise as [Student] <10>
  12. Ward, Gail (I) as [Julie Potter] <1>
  13. Wright, Angie Shaw as [Shop Assistant] <6>

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Genres in Educating Julie

  1. Documentary
  2. Drama

Plot of Educating Julie

A timid college student, Julie, is assigned to write a research paper on "Nudity in the 1980's" She and her boyfriend, Steve, visit several nudist clubs in England, the south of France and in Florida Full Plot >>

Business of Educating Julie

CP: 2007 Nature's Enterprises, Inc. CP: 1984 Heritage Video Ltd.

Certificate of Educating Julie

15 (UK)

Distributors of Educating Julie

Nature's Enterprises [us] - (2007) (worldwide) (DVD)

Editors of Educating Julie

  1. Ball, David P. (as David Ball)

Misc of Educating Julie

  1. Ambrose, Peter (engineer)
  2. Saycell, Heather (production assistant)

Quotes of Educating Julie

Julie Potter: But I could cover the social significance of this in about two pages. It's hardly a thesis-like topic, is it? Full Quotes >>

Shooting/Filming Locations of Educating Julie

  1. England, UK
  2. Florida, USA
  3. France