Chechu y familia (1992)

Chechu y familia (1992) Movie

Chechu y familia

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4.1/10 (56 Votes)

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Release Date
(Spain) - 26 June 1992

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Running Time
Spain:81 (DVD)


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Cast of Chechu y familia

  1. Fernán Gómez, Fernando as [Don José] <1>
  2. Flores, Antonio (I) as [Cosme] <6>
  3. Fraire, Raúl as [Jacinto] <7>
  4. Kobayashi, Kunio as [Aurelio] <11>
  5. Lorenzo, Luis (I) as [Florito] <8>
  6. Lucas, Carlos (I) as [Camarero] <12>
  7. Lucendo, César as [Chechu] <2>
  8. Mellado, Emilio as [Tedy] <5>
  9. Ping (II) as [Perro] <13>
  10. Pong (III) as [Perro] <14>
  11. Yepes, José (I) as [Felipe] <10>
  12. Asensi, Neus as [Pauli] <3>
  13. Moreno, Amparo (I) as [Marusa] <4>
  14. Roy, Esperanza as [Mamen] <9>

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Genres in Chechu y familia

  1. Comedy

Plot of Chechu y familia

Chechu is a 13 year old boy who lives surrounded by peculiar people: his grandfather, his uncle, and two maids. He falls in love with one of them.
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Composers of music of Chechu y familia

  1. Tejera, José

Cinematographers of Chechu y familia

  1. Civit, Josep M. (director of photography) (as José María Civit)

Costume Designers of Chechu y familia

  1. Andrés, Gumersindo

Editors of Chechu y familia

  1. Ramírez de Loaysa, Antonio

Misc of Chechu y familia

  1. Fernández, Julio (III) (production coordinator)
  2. Méndez Zori, Luis (production assistant)
  3. Santos, Carlos J. (titles)