Bruna Surfistinha (2011)

Bruna Surfistinha (2011) Movie

Bruna Surfistinha

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6.1/10 (1965 Votes)

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Release Date
(Brazil) - 25 February 2011
(Portugal) - 29 December 2011

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Running Time
Brazil:109 (theatrical version) 131 (director's cut)

A histria de uma garota de famlia. At a cena 2. (The story of a family girl. Until take 2). Um programa pra fazer de casal. (A program for two). V com seu namorado, suas amigas ou sozinha. S no v com preconceitos. (Come with your boyfriend, your girlfriends or alone. But without prejudgement.) Seu namorado quer ver? Ento mostre pra ele. (Your boyfriend wants to see it? Then show it to him).

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Cast of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Audio, Roberto as [Gian] <16>
  2. Cazarré, Juliano as [Gustavo] <14>
  3. Chirolli, Luciano as [Otto] <8>
  4. Dorado, Rodrigo as [Rominho] <15>
  5. Gabus Mendes, Cássio as [Huldson] <2>
  6. Guizé, Sérgio as [Rodrigo] <9>
  7. Machado, Gustavo as [Miguel] <13>
  8. Rodrigues, Sidney as [Cliente Tomás] <18>
  9. Sander, Alex (II) as [Heitor]
  10. Soares, Plínio as [Publicitário] <17>
  11. Abujamra, Clarisse as [Celeste] <7>
  12. Iliescu, Simone as [Yasmin] <10>
  13. Lago, Cristina (III) as [Gabi] <5>
  14. Lígia, Brenda as [Kelly] <12>
  15. Moraes, Drica as [Larissa] <3>
  16. Nascimento, Fabiula as [Janine] <4>
  17. Otondo, Justine as [Bruna's Teacher]
  18. Pacheco, Raquel as [Waitress]
  19. Puga, Érika as [Mel] <11>
  20. Ruiz, Guta as [Carol] <6>
  21. Secco, Deborah as [Raquel/Bruna Surfistinha] <1>

  22. All Cast

Genres in Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Biography
  2. Drama

Plot of Bruna Surfistinha

Raquel is a girl, adopted by an upper middle class family, who rebelled at 17 and left her family and studies at a traditional college in São Paulo to become a call girl. Shortly after starting work, Full Plot >>

Business of Bruna Surfistinha

BT: BRL 4,000,000 GR: BRL 9,000,000 (Brazil) (10 March 2011) OW: BRL 4,200,000 (Brazil) (27 February 2011) (337 screens)

Certificate of Bruna Surfistinha

16 (Brazil)
M/18 (Portugal)
18 (South Korea)

Composers of music of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Amabis, Gui
  2. Amabis, Rica
  3. Lucarelli, André
  4. Tejo

Cinematographers of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Corpanni, Marcelo (director of photography)

Costume Designers of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Barbieri, Leticia

Distributors of Bruna Surfistinha

Generation X Group Film- & Medienproduktion [de] - (2012) (Germany) (DVD)
Imagem Filmes [br] - (2011) (Brazil) (theatrical)
PepperView Entertainment [pt] - (2011) (Portugal) (all media)

Editors of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Campion, Manga
  2. Santana, Oswaldo

Misc of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Penna, Sérgio (acting coach)
  2. Rondon, Renato (production coordinator)
  3. Scorsafava, Leandro (post production coordinator)

Other Titles of Bruna Surfistinha

  1. Little Surfer Girl (2011) (ENG)
    (USA) (literal English title)

  2. O Doce Veneno Do Escoprião (2011) (ENG)
    (Brazil) (working title)

  3. O Doce Veneno do Escorpião (2010) (ENG)
    (Brazil) (working title)

Trivia of Bruna Surfistinha

- In 2007, the project has caused controversy after the Brazilian Ministério da Cultura released nearly US$4 million, through the mechanism of tax relief, to produce the adaptation.

- Previously, actress Karen Junqueira had been scheduled to star in the film, but she quit saying she could not devote her full time to it.

- CAMEO('Raquel Pacheco' (qv)): The waitress at the restaurant where Raquel/Bruna and Hudson have dinner. Full Trivia >>