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3.4/10 (31 Votes)

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Release Date
(Philippines) - 13 April 2005

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Hidden truths. Dirty secrets. Naked ambitions. He sees them all.

couple, peeping-tom


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Cast of Boso

  1. Albia, Johnny as (as Johny Albia) [Mr. Sentimental] <21>
  2. Barros Sanchez, Sigfreid as (as Sig Sanchez) [Raul] <15>
  3. De Leon, Justin (I) as [Denise's Boyfriend] <17>
  4. De Vera, Renz as [Peter] <18>
  5. Dizon, Allen as [Ding] <4>
  6. Lazaro, Ronnie as [Imbestigador 2] <8>
  7. Macaso, Hector as [Mr. Go] <11>
  8. Morit, Raul as [Wally] <16>
  9. Punsal, Randy as [Mr. Adeva] <13>
  10. Quizon, Jeffrey as [Jake] <1>
  11. Rada, Gary as [Gary, the Driver] <20>
  12. Red, Jason (I) as [Rico] <19>
  13. Roco, Bembol as [Tata Nando] <10>
  14. Tado as [Kadyo] <9>
  15. Torre, Joel as [Imbestigador 1] <7>
  16. Ag-Santos, Len as (as Len Ag. Santos) [Mrs. Adeva] <12>
  17. Enriquez, Lalaine as [Cecilia but not] <25>
  18. Enriquez, RR as [The Blade] <24>
  19. Garci, Gwen as [Liza] <3>
  20. Llanto, Jaziel as [Dalaga 2] <23>
  21. Musni, Nichole as [Dalaga 1] <22>
  22. Parker, J.C. as [Denise] <6>
  23. Santos, Katya as [Cecilia] <2>
  24. Santos, Roence as [Mrs. Buwan] <14>
  25. V., Ella as [Helen] <5>

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Genres in Boso

  1. Comedy

Plot of Boso

Jake (Jeffrey Quizon) is a caretaker at a boarding residence that houses a whole array of characters-- a born-again couple with an addiction for porn movies, a nymphet masquerading as a shy school Full Plot >>

Distributors of Boso

Viva Films [ph] - (Philippines) (all media)

Editors of Boso

  1. Magbanua Jr., Manie

Misc of Boso

  1. Alto-Paz, Milo (technical adviser) (as Milo Paz)
  2. Castro, Efren (II) (security)
  3. Cruz, Martin (II) (security)
  4. del Rosario, Pearlie (marketing communications manager)
  5. Doctor, Bernard (adprom assistant)
  6. Episcope, Susan (senior sales manager)
  7. Fernandez, Moises (promotions officer)
  8. Gil, Baby (corporate communications vice president)
  9. Gonzales, Vilma (II) (adprom coordinator)
  10. Licera, Mark (production assistant)
  11. Magtoto, Tony (sales and distribution head) (as Tony Matoto)
  12. Manatas, Joel (utility)
  13. Marquez, Ria (corporate communications assistant)
  14. Ogawa, Erwin (production assistant)
  15. Parreno-Buenviaje, Ferlin (publicity supervisor) (as Ferlin Buenviaje)
  16. Ramos, Ellen (behind the scenes director)
  17. Tejada Jr., Gil (technical adviser) (as Gil Tejada)
  18. Valencia, Daniel (II) (utility)
  19. Villaluna, Paolo (behind the scenes director)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Boso

  1. South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  2. Egaña, Sibalom, Antique, Philippines - (rural footage)

Trivia of Boso

- First Viva Films production shot entirely on mini-digital video.

- Director 'Jon Red' (qv) said that _Rear Window (1954)_ (qv) and _Sliver (1993)_ (qv) inspired him to do this movie. Full Trivia >>