Behind the Waterfall (1995)

Behind the Waterfall (1995) Movie

Behind the Waterfall

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5.4/10 (116 Votes)

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banshee, brother-sister-relationship, celtic-mythology, childhood, fairy, father-son-estrangement, firefighter, heart-attack, horse, imagination, independent-film, ireland, leprechaun, map, nature, pixie, proposal, puca, rainbow, waterfall, wish-fulfillment


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Cast of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Baird, Luke as [Tommy] <2>
  2. Burghoff, Gary as [Mr. Connors] <1>
  3. Halladay, Kevin as [Sean] <10>
  4. Hennings, Sam as [Rick] <6>
  5. McCarthy, Mark (I) as [Ted] <9>
  6. Metten, Charles as [Dan] <15>
  7. Miyashima, Joey as [E.R. Doctor] <14>
  8. Olson, Jeff (I) as [Bus Driver] <7>
  9. Scott, Michael (IV) as [Bill] <8>
  10. Burghoff, Gena Gale as [Becky] <5>
  11. Hansen, Alyssa as [Alex] <3>
  12. Herrmann, Star as [Nurse] <12>
  13. Hurlburt, Carolyn as [Dr. Murphy] <13>
  14. McCarthy, Hollis as [Sam] <4>
  15. Williams, Mary Parker as [Meg] <11>

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Genres in Behind the Waterfall

  1. Drama
  2. Fantasy

Composers of music of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Bestor, Kurt

Cinematographers of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Williams, Matthew (I)

Costume Designers of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Warner, Cathren

Distributors of Behind the Waterfall

Alpha Media [us] - (2002) (China) (TV)
Feature Films for Families [us]
KOAN [us] - (1995) (worldwide) (TV)
KOAN [us] - (1995) (worldwide) (video)
Teleview International [lb] - (1995) (Lebanon) (TV) (Middle East)

Editors of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Johnson, Stephen L.

Misc of Behind the Waterfall

  1. Springer, Matt (I) (production assistant)

Quotes of Behind the Waterfall

Tommy: I wish I could go up there with you.
Dad: Well, we'll just have to see to it that you get your wish.
Tommy: Promise?
Dad: With Ace as my witness, I promise.

Tommy: I still wish I could find the Faeden.
Mr. Connors: [sighing sadly] Well, in that case, I'll just have to make sure that you get your wish.
Tommy: Promise?
Mr. Connors: With Ace as my witness... I promise.

Mr. Connors: What? And who might be interrupting my prayers?... Oh... oh, it's you, Patty. Well, why would ye be talking to me? You know I'm just a poor cobbler. What can I do?... Aah, I see. But- but why me?... Well, I- I'll do me best... Aye. And I've always had a lot of faith in you, too.

Mr. Connors: Given enough time a pixie will get you so confused that you'll be looking for happiness in all the wrong places. And once you get pixie-led, unless someone else helps, why you could be stuck there forever!
Alex: So, how does it help to put our coats on backwards?
Mr. Connors: Well, don't you see? It confuses them! [laughing] They can't tell whether we're coming or going!

Mr. Connors: Now, Tommy, you can't judge a book by its cover. Especially an old one... hee hee hee!...
Tommy: Huh?
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