Bad City Blues (1999)

Bad City Blues (1999) Movie

Bad City Blues

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4.9/10 (110 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for strong violence, language and some sexuality

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Release Date
(USA) - 26 October 1999
(Germany) - 27 September 2001
(Hungary) - 29 November 2001
(Iceland) - 27 February 2002

All Release Dates

Running Time
116 Germany:96

Every Man Breaks For His Own Reasons

banker, based-on-novel, betrayal, blood, blood-bath, boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship, central-america, corruption, criminal, debut-film, doctor, flashback, forgiveness, good-samaritan, hideout, homicidal, independent-film, killing, multiple-storyline, multiple-time-frames, new-orleans-louisiana, policeman, redemption, robber, robbery


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Cast of Bad City Blues

  1. Benedict, Rob as (as Robert Patrick Benedict) [Tommy] <14>
  2. Billig, Simon as [Artie] <5>
  3. Ceasar, Norman as [Nev] <17>
  4. Clendenin, Bob as [Dutch] <11>
  5. Duran, Armando as [Harris] <12>
  6. Ellis, Terrance as (scenes deleted) [First Garbage Man] <18>
  7. Holliman, Earl as [Joe Gags] <6>
  8. Hopper, Dennis as [Cleveland Carter] <7>
  9. Jerome, Paul (II) as (scenes deleted) (as Paul Eric Jerome) [Second Garbage Man] <19>
  10. Jones, Jeremy Ryan as (scenes deleted) [Gabriel] <20>
  11. Kirkland, Ajgie as [Parker] <13>
  12. MacDonald, Scott (I) as [Mack] <9>
  13. Massee, Michael as [Eugene Grimes] <1>
  14. McGrady, Michael (I) as [Clarence Jefferson] <2>
  15. Metzler, Jim as [Luther Logan] <4>
  16. Ocean, Ivory as [Sweetbread] <15>
  17. Pick, Calen as [Young Luther] <21>
  18. Saks, Corey as [Young Grimes] <22>
  19. Thomas, David Jean as [Marvin Green] <16>
  20. Whitby, Paul as [Gomez] <23>
  21. Zangari, Vincent as [Jackson] <24>
  22. Capers, Virginia as [Mrs. Green] <10>
  23. Hoag, Judith as [Callilou Carter] <3>
  24. Livier, Ruth as [Dolores] <8>

  25. All Cast

Genres in Bad City Blues

  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Plot of Bad City Blues

In the aftermath of a violent robbery, a New Orleans doctor, Eugene Grimes, wakes to find a wounded woman and $2 million in cash on his doorstep. In pursuit of the thieves, police captain Clarence Full Plot >>

Business of Bad City Blues

CP: Bad City Pictures, LLC SD: 10 September 1998 - 20 October 1998

Certificate of Bad City Blues

18 (Germany)
15 (Sweden)

Composers of music of Bad City Blues

  1. Colbert, Serge
  2. Middleton, Max (I)
  3. Taylor, Mick

Cinematographers of Bad City Blues

  1. Popovic, Zoran (III)

Costume Designers of Bad City Blues

  1. Sarris, Natasha (I)

Distributors of Bad City Blues

Madison Home Video [de]
Showcase Entertainment [us]

Editors of Bad City Blues

  1. Ganem, John

Misc of Bad City Blues

  1. Adamski, Valoree (production coordinator)
  2. Budd, Peter (I) (set production assistant: New Orleans)
  3. Keller, Tracy (I) (production coordinator: New Orleans)
  4. Kimbrough, Margery (script supervisor)
  5. Simpson, Tanya R. (production coordinator)
  6. Tristano, Mike (weapons handler)
  7. Voltz, Todd (production assistant)
  8. Walter, Susan E. (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Bad City Blues

  1. Kalispell, Montana, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA