Bad Bascomb (1946)

Bad Bascomb (1946) Movie

Bad Bascomb

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 May 1946
(Sweden) - 7 November 1946
(France) - 2 July 1947
(Finland) - 8 August 1947
(Spain) - 10 May 1948

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Running Time

Thrill for Thrill ! Laugh for Laugh !

bank-robber, cavalry, dog, mormon, native-american-attack, orphan, square-dance, wagon-train


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Cast of Bad Bascomb

  1. Acuff, Eddie as (uncredited) [Corporal Finch]
  2. Anderson, Warner as [Luther Mason] <8>
  3. Andrews, Stanley (I) as (uncredited) [Col. Cartright]
  4. Beery, Wallace as [Zeb Bascomb alias Ezekiel 'Zeke' Smith] <1>
  5. Cassell, Wally as (uncredited) [Curley]
  6. Crehan, Joseph as (uncredited) [Gov. Ames]
  7. Curtis, Donald as [John Fulton] <9>
  8. Darien, Frank as [Elder Moab McCabe] <15>
  9. Fillmore, Clyde as (uncredited) [Gov. Clark]
  10. Gallaudet, John as (uncredited) [Selkirk]
  11. Naish, J. Carrol as [Bart Yancy] <4>
  12. O'Neill, Henry (I) as [Gov. Winton (Wyoming)] <14>
  13. Simpson, Russell (I) as [Elijah Walker] <7>
  14. Space, Arthur as (uncredited) [Timber City Sheriff]
  15. Thompson, Marshall (I) as [Jimmy Holden] <6>
  16. Walker, Ray (I) as (uncredited) [Silkirk (Winton's secretary)]
  17. Gilchrist, Connie as [Annie Freemont] <10>
  18. Green, Jane (I) as [Hannah McCabe] <13>
  19. Haden, Sara as [Tillie Lovejoy] <11>
  20. Jeppson, Janet as [Extra]
  21. Main, Marjorie as [Abbey Hanks] <3>
  22. O'Brien, Margaret (I) as [Emmy] <2>
  23. Rafferty, Frances as [Dora McCabe] <5>
  24. Riano, Renie as [Lucy Lovejoy] <12>

  25. All Cast

Genres in Bad Bascomb

  1. Western

Plot of Bad Bascomb

It's just after the civil war when the elderly outlaw Bascomb and his gang try to rob a bank. They run into a trap as officers are waiting in ambush. Bascomb and the cold blooded killer Yancy escape Full Plot >>

Business of Bad Bascomb

SD: 16 July 1945 - October 1945

Certificate of Bad Bascomb

G (Australia)
K-12 (Finland)
15 (Sweden)
Approved (USA)(PCA #11263)

Composers of music of Bad Bascomb

  1. Snell, David (I)

Cinematographers of Bad Bascomb

  1. Schoenbaum, Charles Edgar (as Charles Schoenbaum)

Costume Designers of Bad Bascomb

  1. Valles (costumes: men)

Distributors of Bad Bascomb

Central Motion Picture Exchange [jp] - (1948) (Japan) (theatrical)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [fr] - (1947) (France) (theatrical)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] - (1946) (USA) (theatrical) (controlled by Loew's Incorporated)

Editors of Bad Bascomb

  1. Lewis, Ben (I)

Misc of Bad Bascomb

  1. MacDonald, Madge (research director) (uncredited)
  2. Richelavie, George (research director) (uncredited)

Other Titles of Bad Bascomb

  1. Bascomb il mancino (1946) (ENG)

  2. Das Schaf im Wolfspelz (1951) (ENG)

  3. Bascomb il mancino (1946) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Bad Bascomb

  1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
  2. The Potholes, Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming, USA
  3. Square G Ranch, Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming, USA
  4. Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming, USA
  5. Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming, USA

Trivia of Bad Bascomb

- According to page 70 of "Notes For A Memoir", 'Janet Jeppson' (qv), second wife of 'Isaac Asimov' (qv), describes how she was acting as an extra in this movie on August 14, 1945, when 'Wallace Beery' (qv) came out of his trailer to tell everyone on-site that World War II had been declared over.

- "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on March 1, 1948 with 'Wallace Beery' (qv), 'Coleen Gray' (qv) and 'Margaret O'Brien (I)' (qv) reprising their film roles. Full Trivia >>