Anything Goes (2011)

Anything Goes (2011) Movie

Anything Goes

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6.0/10 (18 Votes)

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Release Date
(Canada) - 1 July 2011

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Cast of Anything Goes

  1. Acharya, Prashant as [Limo Driver]
  2. Andrews, Gordon as [Bar Patron]
  3. Campanes, Carlo as [Shop Keeper]
  4. Cavalheiro, Scott as [James] <5>
  5. Dark, Todd Thomas as [Rick] <6>
  6. Faraldo, Daniel (II) as [Pizza Boy] <10>
  7. Goldenberg, Ben as [Darryl] <9>
  8. Kaufmann, Sean as [Westley Little] <1>
  9. Marino, Bruno (I) as [Bruno] <11>
  10. Mifsud, Brian as [Zack] <7>
  11. Priestman, Andrew as [Phil] <4>
  12. Salmingo, Joey as [Vinnie]
  13. Severino, Raffaele as [Holister]
  14. Sheorattan, Narine as [Father at the Airport]
  15. Broze, Vanessa as [Jennifer] <2>
  16. Cassaday, Saffron as [Bronwyn] <3>
  17. Corbeil, Rachelle as (as Rachelle Wilde) [Devlin]
  18. Farley, Breann as [Dancer 3]
  19. Halpenny, Kendra as [Bar Friend] <14>
  20. Jones, Leah (IV) as [Dancer 2] <16>
  21. Leighton, Jessica as (as Jessica Psaila) [Sue] <15>
  22. Patterson, Lynzey as [Roxanne] <13>
  23. Sheorattan, Meelanie as [Little Girl at the Airport]
  24. Sheorattan, Vidya as [Mother at the Airport]
  25. Watters, Alithea as [Melanie] <8>

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Genres in Anything Goes

  1. Comedy

Business of Anything Goes

BT: CAD 100

Composers of music of Anything Goes

  1. Sousa, Michael (II)

Cinematographers of Anything Goes

  1. Davidson, Michael Jari

Costume Designers of Anything Goes

  1. Kennedy, Laura (IV) (wardrobe)

Distributors of Anything Goes

Entertainment One [ca] - (2012) (Canada) (all media)

Editors of Anything Goes

  1. Gagnon, Adam (on-line editor)
  2. Hall, Sam (VII)

Misc of Anything Goes

  1. Daniels, Adrian (I) (data management technician)
  2. González, Paulina (script supervisor)
  3. Heathcote, Michael (I) (steadicam supplied by)
  4. Krawchuk, Lisa (weapons assistant)
  5. Sled, James (weapons handler)
  6. Szkudlarek, Iwona (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations of Anything Goes

  1. Brighton, Ontario, Canada
  2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada