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biography of Zaki, Ahmed (I)

Ahmed Abdullrahman Zaki
18 November 1949, Zaqazeeq, Egypt
27 March 2005, Cairo, Egypt (lung cancer)

-   'Fouad, Hala' (? - ?) (divorced); 1 child

-   Father of 'Haitham Ahmed Zaki' (qv). (b. 1984).

-   He is known for portaying prominent characters in Egyptian history like Taha Hussien, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat.

-   His ex-wife Hala Fouad died of cancer in 1991.

-   He originally studied mechanical engineering before becoming an actor.

-   Egyptian President Mubarak granted Ahmed Zaki the Merit of Arts award for his work in over 50 movies in 2001.

-   He was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2004, after which he was treated at a Paris hospital before he returned to Cairo to continue chemotherapy.

-   He broke the color barrier in Egyptian films by being the first Black actor to play leading roles usually reserved for light-skinned actors.

-   At Zaki's request, his funeral was filmed, the footage to be used in his final movie, a biography of famous Egyptian singer Abdul Halim Hafez, who died in 1977. The ailing actor insisted on leaving his hospital bed to shoot more scenes. His 21-year-old son Haitham plans to film the remaining scenes, playing Hafez in his youth.

-   On parties: I may give the impression of being a loner, but, in fact I love people... It's not the gathering that counts it's who you're with that counts. You may enjoy yourself as much in a small gathering, it's not the quantity of people that counts, it's the company that counts.

-   On February 2004, he was diagnosed with lung cancer after undergoing tests in France. French doctors have concluded that his condition is not terminal, and can be easily treated.

-   (January 2005) Announced that he is ready to act after recovering from lung cancer.

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