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Elmer Blaney Harris
11 January 1878, Chicago, Illinois, USA
6 September 1966, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

-   'Wilhelmina B. Henderson' (? - ?)

-   (1908) Stage: Wrote (as "Elmer Blaney Harris") "The Offenders", produced on Broadway [earliest Broadway credit]. Cast: 'Charles Abbott (I)' (qv), George W. Anspeak, Percival Aylmer, 'Morgan Coman' (qv), Catherine Countiss, Vincent De Pascale, 'Robert Edeson' (qv) (as "Klif King"), John Flood (as "Mr. Street"), Katherine Grey (as "Helen Street"), Diana Huneker, Ann Meredith, Beatrice Prentice, James Rawley, William Ricciardi, James Seeley, T. Tamamoto. Produced by Henry B. Harris.

-   (1909) Stage: Wrote "Sham", produced on Broadway. Wallack's Theatre: 27 Mar 1909-May 1909 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: 'Gertrude Clemens' (qv) (as "Katherine Van Riper"), 'Henrietta Crosman' (qv), Paul Dickey, 'Edouard Durand' (qv), Bernice Golden, Frank E. Jamison, Jack Mahony, Amelia Mayborn, Homer Miles, Augusta B. Scott, Marguerite St. John, Charles Walcot, 'Ida Waterman' (qv). Produced by Maurice Campbell. NOTE: Filmed as _Sham (1921)_ (qv).

-   (1911) Stage: Wrote "Thy Neighbor's Wife", produced on Broadway. Directed by Jacob Heniger. Lyceum Theatre: 5 Sep 1911-Sep 1911 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: 'A.S. 'Pop' Byron' (qv) (as "John Robins"), Pamela Gaythorne (as "Mrs. Robins"), 'Alice John' (qv) (as "Mrs. Miller"), Frederick Tiden (as "Mr. Miller"). Produced by 'Daniel Frohman' (qv).

-   (1912) Stage: Wrote "The Trial Marriage", produced on Broadway. Directed by 'Edward Elsner' (qv). Hudson Theatre: 29 Oct 1912-Nov 1912 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Harrison Hunter (as "Blair Thomas"), 'Helen Ware (I)' (qv) (as "Marie Louise Ridgeway"), Margaret Gordon, R.H. Hudson, Karra Kenwyn (as "Mrs. Ridgeway"), 'Harry Lillford' (qv), 'Ernest Stallard' (qv), 'Charles A. Stevenson' (qv) (as "Alexander Prince"), Eleanor Stuart, M. Toma. Produced by The Estate of Henry B. Harris.

-   (1914) Stage: Wrote (w/'Oliver Morosco' (qv)) book for "The Pretty Mrs. Smith", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Henry James and Alfred G. Robyn. Lyrics by 'Earl Carroll (I)' (qv). Musical Director: John Lund. Additional music / lyrics by Billy Gould, Ashlyn and Sydney Grant. Directed by T. Daniel Frawley. Casino Theatre: 21 Sep 1914-31 Oct 1914 (closing date unknown/48 performances).

-   (1916) Stage: Wrote (w/'Oliver Morosco' (qv), also producer) "Les So Long", produced on Broadway. Musical. Music and lyrics by 'Earl Carroll (I)' (qv). Choreographed by 'Julian Alfred' (qv). Shubert Theatre: 23 Oct 1916-Jan 1917 (closing date unknown/96 performances).

-   (1916) Stage: Wrote "So Long Letty", produced on Broadway. Musical/farce. Music and lyrics by 'Earl Carroll (I)' (qv). Shubert Theatre: 23 Oct 1916-13 Jan 1917 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Produced by 'Oliver Morosco' (qv).

-   (1931) Stage: Wrote "Young Sinners", produced on Broadway. Comedy (revival). New Yorker Theatre: 20 Apr 1931-May 1931 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Produced by George Sharp.

-   (1929) Stage: Wrote "Stepping Out", produced on Broadway. Farce. Fulton Theatre: 20 May 1929-Jun 1929 (closing date unknown/24 performances).

-   (1929) Stage: Wrote "Young Sinners", produced on Broadway. Comedy. Directed by 'Stanley Logan' (qv). Morosco Theatre: 28 Nov 1929-Aug 1930 (closing date unknown/289 performances).

-   (1928) Stage: Wrote "The Great Necker", produced on Broadway. Comedy. Directed by J. Fred Butler. Ambassador Theatre: 6 Mar 1928-Apr 1928.

-   (1940) Stage: Wrote "The Man Who Killed Lincoln", produced on Broadway. Historical drama.

-   (1940) Stage: Wrote "Johnny Belinda", produced on Broadway. Drama. NOTE: Filmed as _Johnny Belinda (1948)_ (qv), _Johnny Belinda (1982) (TV)_ (qv), _Johnny Belinda (1967) (TV)_ (qv), _Johnny Belinda (1958) (TV)_ (qv), _Johnny Belinda (1961) (TV)_ (qv), _"Johnny Belinda" (1969)_ (qv)).

-   (1933) Stage: Wrote "Young Sinners", produced on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Directed by Carl Hunt. New Yorker Theatre: 6 Mar 1933-May 1933 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Produced by Thomas Kilpatrick.

-   (1930) Stage: Adapted "Ladies All", produced on Broadway. Comedy. Written by 'Princesse Bibesco' (qv). Morosco Theatre (moved to The Bijou Theatre on 20 Oct 1930 to close): 28 Jul 1930-13 Dec 1930 (140 performances). Cast: May Collins (as "Ann"), William David (as "James"), 'Preston Foster (I)' (qv) (as "Chic"), Germaine Giroux (as "Julie"), Violet Heming (as "Nancy"), 'Walter Woolf King' (qv) (as "Bob").

-   (1917) Stage: "Canary Cottage". Farce.

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Elmer Harris
Elmer Harris was president of
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Harris Elmer Stuart
Harris Elmer Stuart
Remembering Dr. Elmer Harris « Operation Shoestring
remember Dr. Elmer Harris,

Dr. Elmer Jacobs "Moe" Harris Obituary: View Elmer Harris's ...
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Elmer Harris
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Deputy Harris was shot and killed while attempting to make an arrest.

Elmer Harris Obituary | Mass Appeal News - Part 20 Harris Elmer Stuart Remembering Dr. Elmer Harris « Operation Shoestring Dr. Elmer Jacobs "Moe" Harris Obituary: View Elmer Harris's ... The International Quality of Life Awards Elmer Harris | LinkedIn stclairheroes: Harris, Elmer
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Written by Harris, Elmer

  1. Johnny Belinda (1982) (TV) (play)
  2. Johnny Belinda (1967) (TV) (stage play) <1,1,1>
  3. Johnny Belinda (1961) (TV) (play) <1,1,1>
  4. Johnny Belinda (1960) (TV) (play)
  5. Kanli degirmen (1959) (play "Johnny Belinda") (uncredited)
  6. "ITV Play of the Week" (1955) {Johnny Belinda (#3.20)} (play)
  7. "Front Row Center" (1955) {Johnny Belinda (#1.5)} (play)
  8. Johnny Belinda (1948) (from the stage play by) <2,1,1>
  9. The Three Wise Guys (1936)
  10. Red Salute (1935) (additional dialogue) <3,1,1>
  11. Let 'em Have It (1935) <1,2,1>
  12. Cross Country Cruise (1934) (screenplay) <2,1,1>
  13. Looking for Trouble (1934) (screenplay) <1,2,1>
  14. The Barbarian (1933) (writer)
  15. Skyscraper Souls (1932) (dialogue continuity) <3,1,1>
  16. Society Girl (1932)
  17. Young Sinners (1931)
  18. Stepping Out (1931)
  19. So Long Letty (1929) (play)
  20. Father and Son (1929) (story)
  21. The Spirit of Youth (1929) (screenplay)
  22. The Spirit of Youth (1929) (story)
  23. The Desert Bride (1928) (writer)
  24. A Woman's Way (1928) (adaptation)
  25. Ransom (1928) (adaptation) <2,1,1>
  26. Court-Martial (1928) (story) <1,1,1>
  27. The Matinee Idol (1928) (adaptation) <2,1,1>
  28. That Certain Thing (1928) (screenplay)
  29. That Certain Thing (1928) (story)
  30. Name the Woman (1928) (novel "Bridge")
  31. The Sporting Age (1928) (adaptation)
  32. Object: Alimony (1928) (story)
  33. The Forbidden Woman (1927) (story "Brothers")
  34. The Siren (1927) (adaptation)
  35. Eve's Leaves (1926) (story)
  36. Sunny Side Up (1926) (adaptation)
  37. Made for Love (1926)
  38. The Girl on the Stairs (1925) (adaptation)
  39. The Awful Truth (1925)
  40. The Wise Virgin (1924)
  41. No More Women (1924)
  42. Garrison's Finish (1923) (writer)
  43. Tess of the Storm Country (1922) (adaptation) (uncredited)
  44. Her Gilded Cage (1922) (play "The Love Dreams")
  45. Her Own Money (1922) (scenario) <2,1,1>
  46. The Education of Elizabeth (1921)
  47. All Souls' Eve (1921) <2,1,1>
  48. Sham (1921) (play)
  49. Ducks and Drakes (1921) (screenplay)
  50. The March Hare (1921) (story)
  51. Ducks and Drakes (1921) (story)
  52. The Speed Girl (1921) (story)
  53. Her Sturdy Oak (1921) (screenplay)
  54. Her Sturdy Oak (1921) (story)
  55. Jack Straw (1920) (scenario) <2,2,1>
  56. What Happened to Jones (1920) (scenario)
  57. So Long Letty (1920) (play)
  58. The Sins of St. Anthony (1920) (scenario)
  59. The Six Best Cellars (1920) (scenario) <1,1,1>
  60. Miss Hobbs (1920) (scenario)
  61. Mrs. Temple's Telegram (1920) (scenario) <2,1,1>
  62. It Pays to Advertise (1919) (scenario) <2,1,1>
  63. An Adventure in Hearts (1919) (scenario) <3,1,1>
  64. The Lottery Man (1919) (writer)
  65. The Love That Dares (1919) (story)
  66. Why Smith Left Home (1919) (scenario)
  67. Pretty Mrs. Smith (1915) (play)
  68. Pretty Mrs. Smith (1915) (screenplay)
  69. The Wild Olive (1915) (scenario)
  70. Help Wanted (1915) (scenario)

Produced by Harris, Elmer

  1. No More Women (1924) (producer)
  2. Richard the Lion-Hearted (1923) (producer)