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Artina Olivo turns 100 | Reminder News
29, 2011. (L to r)
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State Representative Mae Flexer
Flexer joins Linda Colangelo,
Linda Colangelo
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Linda Colangelo-Petruncio
Patrick McMullan Company
Aaron Colangelo, Linda Greer,

Cropped photo of Senator
Colangelo, Linda Shaw,

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  1. Labor Day (2013) (unit publicist)
  2. "Magic City" (2012) {(#2.1)} (unit publicist)
  3. "Magic City" (2012) {(#2.2)} (unit publicist)
  4. "Magic City" (2012) {The Harder They Fall (#1.6)} (unit publicist)
  5. "Magic City" (2012) {The Year of the Fin (#1.1)} (unit publicist)
  6. "Magic City" (2012) {Time and Tide (#1.8)} (unit publicist)
  7. "Magic City" (2012) {Atonement (#1.4)} (unit publicist)
  8. "Magic City" (2012) {Castles Made of Sand (#1.3)} (unit publicist)
  9. "Magic City" (2012) {Feeding Frenzy (#1.2)} (unit publicist)
  10. "Magic City" (2012) {Suicide Blonde (#1.5)} (unit publicist)
  11. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) (unit publicist) (as Linda McGhan)
  12. Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011) (unit publicist)
  13. The Muppets (2011) (unit publicist)
  14. Young Adult (2011) (unit publicist)
  15. Know Thy Enemy (2009) (publicist) (as Linda McGhan)
  16. Marley & Me (2008) (unit publicist) (as Linda McGhan)
  17. The Coverup (2008) (unit publicist) (as Linda McGhan)
  18. Harder They Fall (2005) (press publicist) (as Linda McGhan)